Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Tiley- 4 WEEKS

The first of many Positive HPT's :)

MARCH 16TH 2012.....


After many, many, many months.. 2 years in fact, of trying. We did it! & On our honeymoon!
..it seems all we had to do was get married!

I actually have no symptoms, my monthlies was just three days late & I was suppose to have wines with Dee that night & thought I better make sure before I have a drink & BAM... no drinking for me for the next 9 months!

Our honeymoon baby :)


March 20th was our first doctors appointment & I had all the blood tests & urine tests done that afternoon..
Our doctor was so excited, his been with us through everything. He even said that his more excited then when his wife said she was pregnant!! I think we put him to more work then his wife though LOL. He also laughed at me when I took in five positive tests & said, "I think I might be pregnant". I thought that he would do more though, he sent me off for blood tests, refferal for an ultrasound & took my blood preasure. So what do you do next?! I guess there's no such thing as being organised during pregnancy, huh?
While at the doctors I ask for an early ultrasound, & he said the earliest he will give is 12 weeks... & then left me to book it... Well I've booked it in for two weeks time. Shh!!