Sunday, April 29, 2012


Another Week:
YEY! We made it, another week & the furthest we have been.. go us, well done to daddy-to-be, mummy-to-be & baby Tiley!!
Modern Cloth Nappies:
The biggest thing I've been researching and buying sample's of is modern cloth nappys!!
 These are the one's that have been really recommended:
Itti Bitti & Baby Beehinds:

I have also got a couple of one size fits all's from ebay. Everyone has said that it really depends on what fits bub best and if cheap ebay one's fit best why not spend $1-$2 per nappy rather then $25-$35? The only thing I won't do is buy second hand MCN's on Ebay.
I'm just buying neutral nappys at the moment, I can't wait to buy pink or blue ones.. not long till I find out though!! :)
I don't know if I'll use modern cloth nappys the first couple of weeks.. it really depends on babys poo (We are talking about babys nappys after all) apparently breast fed babys are runny..I just don't know. I feel alot better with cloth going on babys bum then plastic :) Tim & I have both got sensitive skin so I'm avoiding rashes and everything else as much as possible. Besides, how much cuter are they? & much easier then the old cloth nappys!
Wet wipes and cloth wipes are still a decision I need to make:


Tiley This Week:
Tiley's hair and little nail buds begin to grow, I can't wait to see what could colour hair Tiley has!! Tim & I have pretty much the same hair colour so it would be great if bub had our hair colour but there is also blonde & browns in our family so it will so interesting. And how many hair will Tiley be born with? Will Tiley have freckles? So many surprises!! Eye colour will be another surprise when Tiley's eyes change because I have blue & Tim has brown :)

Only 2 more weeks till we've made it to 12 weeks!!!