Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Tiley- WEEK 7

Tiley This Week:
So, this week was the looonnngggeesstt week ever! Since I was 4 days behind it seems that it has taken forever to get to 7 weeks.. but here was my 7 week journey.

Only 33 more weeks to go!!!! Only three more weeks and i'll be a quarter way through this pregnancy, I can't believe it. So yes, this week went slow but this pregnancy so far has been pretty quick. We found out almost a month ago!
This is what baby Tiley looks like this week.

What's happening with bubby this week:
Bubby should measure about 1.25 cm..bub was half a cm when we had the ultrasound 1 week ago & now it's double the size!! Awwwwww.
This is a big week for bubs heart & brain, I have to make sure I'll remember to take the frolic tablets every day.
Morning Sickness:
Well this week MORNING SICKNESS really hit..... vile morning sickness. ALL DAY. I'm glad I have it, it's reassuring but YUCK..I even had to have a day off work. I must say though it has got alot better yesterday & today, I can have a sort of normal day now :)