Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 9

9 week fetus!

Tiley This Week:
Tiley is finally a fetus!! Go baby, go!! Tiley will now be considered a fetus till birth instead of an embryo (although, to us Tiley is our little baby no matter what).. it just means the baby no longer has a tail and that tail has now been absorbed by the tiny body. The tail is actually the nervous system all stretch out. Amazing, huh? Tileys growing so quickly!
Check out this video to see what's been going on the last 9 weeks and how far bubs come now..

Our Goal:
So this week marks a big, amazing, fantastic week for us too.. we cross every failed pregnancy we've had & made it the longest!! 10 weeks will be interesting as it's the first week I've never studied, never been or never announced! ..never made it to double digits!

Seven Months Left:
So being two months I realised that I only have 7 MONTHS LEFT & then we will have a baby!! I also only have about 5 months left of work :O... I don't know when I'll finish up at work, with moving as well I might finish early, but only have annual leave and not maternity leave to hold onto, it's a hard decision to make. Time will only tell :)
I have been talking to a wonderful lady over the internet, she is in the same situation as us and also has two healthy children.. she is also the same weeks as us!! It's been wonderful to talk to her, encourage each other and see that both of our pregnancies are healthy & flourishing. It's been great support. I have wonderful friends & family, but it's nothing like talking to someone who knows exactly what you are going through.

I've been looking into getting a baby fetal doppler..

This is to check your baby's heartbeat at home.. almost like a mini sound ultrasound. I can't wait to check it after every pain ect to reassure ourselves. It has an LCD screen that tells you the heat rate too. At 6 weeks it was 128bpm so we can check if it's increased :) It will be such a relief. I've done so much research and it is completely safe, it uses less frequency's then an ultrasound. We just have to make sure we only use it for about 2 minutes and at the most once a week.

More updates next week.. only 31 weeks to go!! x