Thursday, May 10, 2012


12 Weeks:
Wow, I don't know I have ever been so proud. It's official.. Baby Tiley is here to stay forever & ever & ever!!!! wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just amazed!!
This Week:
This week was the quickest week ever because when we went for our ultrasound on Monday we found out we were 4 days ahead. So back to our original dates before the 6 week ultrasound changed it. I think after this they don't change your dates again and it will just be down to if the baby is small for dates or big for dates. This means I'm now due on the 22nd of November.

Here is our little one now:
The Ultrasound:
Bubby has grown sooo much in 6 weeks! Since the last ultrasound!
The photo of Tiley is much clearer then this. You can see two legs and an arm, an ear, a nose and its so cute!
Tiley's feet are about one cm long, how super cute!
Tiley's eye's have now moved to the front of their face.. they began at the side.
Tiley's liver and kidneys are now working perfectly. Bubs kidneys are now starting to make urine in the bladder.
Tiley moves if my tummy is prodded, although I cannot feel Tiley yet.
It's a pity we will only get pictures now and not on a disc as it's so hard to take a picture of a picture.
Tiley was sleeping this time and we woke the poor thing up & then it turned away from us.. so clever knowing to turn away from the ultrasound, bub must be making itself a good brain :)
Private VS Public:
I also cancelled my obstetrician appointment and we decided to go with the public health system. I couldn't believe how much it all costs! It was $200 the first visit, $85 every four weeks and then a $2,000 fee. We would rather have that money in savings for the baby or buy something for the baby that they really need.
So I'm off to the doctor again on Saturday so she can book me in the public system :). I am loving the opening hours of my new doctor surgery.. weekdays to 7:30pm except Fridays to 5:30pm and open on Saturdays.
Nusery Inspiration:
Each week we try & organise, decide or buy something new each week. The last few weeks was modern cloth nappies- check out last weeks blog :)
This week it's the nursery!

  Inspiration photos:
Were thinking dark brown wooden furniture & browns, creams & greens. Possibly a light misty green like the second photo with a brown feature wall.
Jungle and zoo animal wall stickers... lots of monkeys, lions, elephants... I'm going to collect alot of photos of what we exactly want first before we go and buy anything. We then know exactly what we want to buy & know everything will match.
It'll be really neutral but gorgeous so we can start plans and buy nursery stuff at any time. We've only got 6 months left!
It seems only yesterday I was saying 6 months left till our wedding!! It goes too quick!

Next week I will be in the second trimester.
8 weeks till I'm half way!!