Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Tiley- 19 Weeks.

Tiley this week:
Its a huge week for sensory development this week.. such a clever little thing! The nerve cells for each sensory is now developing in bubs brain.
Nerve cell production begins to slow down now while the little body focusses on the strengthening, developing and growing it's current nerves.
Tiley's hair on it's head is starting to sprout.. I wonder what colour? This is probably the biggest thing i'm looking forward to seeing on bubby. The most exciting thing. There is no way of telling until bub is born, there's no way a scan or test can show so it makes it so exciting!!
They say from now and over the next 10 weeks is the most active time for the little babe before it gets too crowded. Looking forward to making the most of the movements.
The best thing about my pregnancy so far is knowing if Tiley is asleep or awake by the movements.

We've added a few more people to the list so here it is:

Those who have felt bubby move:
Tim (Daddy) 10th of June.. 16 weeks & 3 days.
Jyle (Uncle Jyle) Jarrett (Pop) Jordan (Uncle Jordan) 17th of June.. 17 weeks & 3 days.
Graham (Grand dad) Pam 23rd of June.. 18 weeks & 2 days.
Kelly (Nanny) 26th of June.. 18 weeks & 5 days.

Morning Sickness:
I'm STILL getting morning sickness :(. Although it is alot better then it was in the first trimester but i'm still a bit sick.. sick enough to have to have a day off work every now & then still.
This week we picked names!!!! YEEYY!! Were not sharing them.. yet ;) but we are very in love with the names. For me it made it so much more exciting that very soon we could privately talk to this baby by name. For now though, we will keep it as Tiley :P

This week I've been researching breast feeding, were definately going to try as much as possible so I want to know exactly what to do and how to do it properly, so heres some tips I found:
-Don't wait to get help. The longer bub is having trouble feeding the less bub will want to feed from you.
-After a traumatic birth for baby, brest feeding straight after birth is the best way to make bub feel safe.-Make sure bubs mouth is wide open so he/she can get as much milk as possible and I can reduce the risk of dry and cracked nipples.
-Have positive support.
-The more your comfortable, the more baby is comfortable.
-Don't forget that practice makes perfect!
So this is a gender predictor. It's 98% accurate and picks up if bubs a boy or a girl. It works by reading the chemicals in your urine :)... It should be here anyday and hopefully we can update with what it says on the next blog! :)

Some clothes we've got for Tiley so far:
My FAVOURITE outifts so far. A thick & warm body suit for next winter. My favourite hand-made MCN. Peter Alexander PJ's we bought on our honeymoon. Fluffy white booties. I love DAD socks. Tigger body suit + matching hat. Jeans from cotton on kids.

I haven't counted how many we have now, but I think we only need a few more smalls and we can get the medium & large's later :)

So we now offically have a BABYS ROOM!! Tim has started fixing up the walls and will start painting next week. So a bit of planning has been going on the last few days. Here's our ideas and what were looking at buying:

Woody brown feature wall, Nature/Forest green for all the other walls.

 Matching Safari drawers, bookshelf and toy box.

Wall Decorations.

Well this is our update for this week.
21 weeks till baby is due!!