Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Tiley - Week 18

Tiley this week:
I can't believe how far I am all ready.. 18 weeks!! that's CRAZY!! I think it's gone really quick. And I'm almost half way! This week and from now on all of Tiley's organs are in the correct position and from now until bub comes out all they have to do is grow and strengthen. Tiley's chest is starting to move up and down to mimic breathing although Tiley's not actually taking in air. Tiley's now whopping 200grams, DOUBLE the weight over the last couple of weeks.

They also say that Tiley may have the same sleep pattens as a newborn baby. The last couple of nights Tiley's been really active from about 8pm all through the night and keeping me awake for quite a few hours. Between Tiley's kicking and Tim's snoring I'm bound to be super tired!! Last night was a strange night, Tiley was quite active in the morning and then slept, bub was still asleep when I went to bed at about 11pm. I was so cautious not to wake the sleeping darling (so maybe I could get a few hours of sleep!!). I made the mistake of rolling quickly and the little monster woke up! haha. If bub is sleeping while we are wanting to feel it move we like to leave Tiley to sleep. I only get Tim to feel bubby move when it's awake, I don't like to disturb the bubby, it's is doing such a great job and growing and learning.. but it sure likes to disturb it's mumma!! I do have to admit, from what I can feel, bub is a good sleeper though. When bub does sleep, it's for hours!
* There is no scientific link to if a baby's sleep pattern in the womb will effect a baby's sleep pattern outside the womb.
What Tiley would look like this week:
 How Perfect. So much like a baby! :) PERFECT

People who have felt Tiley's little movements so far:
*Tim, *My Dad, *My Brother Jordan, *My Brother Jyle.

Only 2 more weeks until we find out what gender Tiley actually is, so if you haven't done so all ready, make sure you do our poll:

Our 17 week progressive photo shoot:
So we didn't have time last week to do our 17 week progress, we will have to do it this week.

Birth plan:

This week I've also roughly thought of my birth plan. More of an ideas list. I've only got 22 weeks left till bubba is due to arrive so thought I would roughly research everything now and put it all into an actual plan closer to when bubba's due. I am completely open to changing my mind, and completely aware that things change. During my pregnancy I have reflected so much on my mum being pregnant with my baby brothers. The oldest one, soon to be Uncle Jyle, had a very scary birth so I am aware that possibly NOTHING will go to plan. No one at the hospital will probably read the birth plan but if not I want to have enough research and be confident enough to say what I want, why and how. I will also be writing an 'emergancy c-section' birth plan later on just encase. I hope I don't offend anyone with what I feel is best for my little one but the beauty of pregnancy and birth is we have SO many options to suit everyone. A lady recently said in my birth club "There is no medal awarded. We don't all walk around with badges saying "I gave birth ...naturally" or "I breastfed for 12 months" if you do that's great for you." which I thought was PERFECTLY said. This is what I believe is best for baby and me :)
  • Labouring position ideas:
    I would to like to consider water therapy in the shower standing (using gravity) and leaning on my husband and on the wall during contractions. I also want to begin this at home when my contractions are are too far apart to go the hospital. My husband is shy so I would like his privacy respected as much as possible while we are in the shower and be left alone.

    I would also like to avoid laying in bed during early labour and the second stage of labour to use gravity by walking around, sitting on a chair, kneeling and using a fit ball. I would like my husband to be my support by leaning on him and having him rub where most painful.
    I would like to be encouraged to try new positions and not be forced to use just one position. I can then find which position gives the best pain relief.
  • Pain relief:
    I would like to not be offered any pain relief and it be left up to me to have gas IF I feel I need it. I would like to aim for a medication-free birth. The reasons I've chosen to have a medication-free birth is so I can freely move around more into different positions if I feel the need. Also that back pain during labour maybe a sign that the baby needs to be turned so I would like to avoid suppressing what my body is telling me. I would also like a faster recovery after birth.
  • Checks:
    I would like regular checks to see how I am progressing through labour. I would like to be kept aware of my progress at all times.
  • Visitors:
    I do not mind my parents visiting during the first and second stages of labour as I'm hoping that visitors will be distracting from the pain. During the final stages of labour, the pushing, I would like it to be just my husband and I. I would want my husbands parents and my parents allowed back after the baby and I are cleaned, and the baby is fed. I do not want any other visitors until we are settled into St Vincents Hospital, at least the next day after birth. If I change my mind regarding visitors I hope that it could be respected.
  • Breast feeding:
    I would like to see a lactation consultant as soon as possible after birth and try feeding as soon as the baby is cleaned and settled. I don't want any formula offered to my baby. If I have trouble breast feeding I would like as much help as possible and then a second option being expressing. I would also liked to be checked by the lactation consultant as much as possible to have continues checks if the baby is feeding correctly.
  • St Vincents Hospital:
    I am going to be moved to St Vincent's hospital after the baby and I recover at the Launceston General Hospital. I would like to be moved as soon as possible. I would like the baby, my husband and I to be given sometime after being moved to get settled without visitors.
  • TK Photography:
    Tanya from TK Photography will be doing a newborn shoot while I and the baby are still in hospital if she is available.
There's still LOTS I need to decide, research and plan and my birth plan will be drawn out much simpler but these are just my ideas for now :)

2 more weeks till I'm half way! WOOHOO!!!