Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Tiley This Week:
Tiley would be around 30 cm this week! His graduated from the ruler length.. go Tiley, go! Also weighing in at around 1pounds 3oz! Over the next weeks he will have a MASSIVE growth spurt and grow about 4 cm in a week!... with his average growth spurts being about a cm each week, 4 is just amazing!!
It's also a big week for Tiley's lungs, one of my MAJOR hopes for Mr. Tiley is he doesn't have asthma. Having asthma my whole life I wouldn't want that for my dear little boy. Although he won't begin breathing yet the cells and branches of the respiratory tree begin developing.

Morning Sickness:
So, yes, I spoke too soon. Although my morning sickness is so much better then it was, I had it for three days this week, even had today off work. Oh well, all for the good 'ol hormones helping my little darling.

Gender Guesses Results:
So It's been a few weeks now since we found out if Tiley is a boy or girl so I thought I would share the results of the survey I put on here:
70 % of people said BOY
30% of people said GIRL

Movements / Patterns/ Routines:
Some days this week I hardly felt movements and some days it was amazing with lots of kicks. Tiley's the most active in the morning. I often hear about tummy babys being the most active in the evening, so I'm so glad my darling has his own little individuality all ready! :)
Tiley isn't overly active... after his morning workout I feel about 3 kicks during the day, if I feel much at all. Nothing that feels like the hiccups yet, like continues jumps or patterned kicks in my belly- some babies don't hiccup though, but I will definitely announce when I do! Sunday was a BIG movement morning. So many big kicks. Tim laid with his hand on my belly and it was so special because he often stops kicking when someones hands are on my belly, but Tim could feel every big kick :)
I felt alot of movement's this week while I was holding baby Jax. My little boy was kicking Jax non-stop... It was funny! I can't wait to watch these two grow up together.

Baby Jax:
So I got my first cuddle from Justine's brand new little man, when he was only three days new...Isn't he just ADORABLE!!
I also went back for another cuddle when he was 6 days.

My Bump This Week:
His starting to sit a little higher which is nice, I thought I was so low to begin with, now my bumps looking higher and more rounded.

Stranger Moment:
Well I must be looking PREGNANT now because last week my clients at work began asking if I was pregnant and this week a stranger asked how long I have left!
I was shocked at the stranger. I wasn't rubbing my belly or anything, just walked past HIM and he asked. I turned around and said, 'who, me?' lol. Naww.. little bubby is getting noticed now!

My Pregnancy Beauty:
My pregnancy skin is finally starting to look better! I had very dry, itchy, flaky skin but have FINALLY managed to find somethings that helps my skin. I still haven't managed to find a good exfoliate, a lot tend to dry out my skin more so have resorted to just making my own. It's amazing how much your skin, hair (I've had to change shampoo's & conditioner's) teeth & everything else changes, so here is what I use as part of my beauty care while pregnant:
I combine sugar as it's a great exfoliate and the
sugar cane has anti-ageing properties. (not salt as salt tends to dry your skin out more).
 With honey which is a soothing and heeling agent. Smells so yummo too!
I do this everyday.
This lives beside my bed. When
my back is dry and itchy, hubby sprays
and rubes this into my back. It doesn't
moisturise it just sooths and stops the
itch. It's VERY soothing!

I'm a HUGE nutrimetics fan, and try and
use this 'warming face masque' once a week,
mostly on Friday afternoons after a long week.
It feels great to distress my face and leaves
my face feeling amazing afterwards.

I use this on my face after a face mask
& when my face is feeling really dry.
It's also by nutrimetics and leaves my skin
feeling extra smooth! I also use this on my
belly. It's an intense moisturiser so it's not something
I apply often.  I'm almost out, so will have to
order some more :)
I use the vaseline cocoa butter
as my daily moisturiser and sometimes
twice a day on my face and body. I apply
this about ten minutes before I do my
makeup as well. It's a great daily
moisturiser as it's not too intense to
leave you feeling oily but enough for
your skin to stop feeling dry! 
My hair has never been so
oily! For someone that has dry
hair normally, I had no idea how
to deal with oily hair and was having
to wash my hair everyday and
loosing my natural oils making my
hair look very dull. I switched my
shampoo and conditioner to WELLA
and it's worked so well! You would
never pick that I have really oily
hair at the moment and I am able to
wash my hair every second day.

Baby Shower Update:
While in the midst of printing my baby shower invites the ink in my printer ran out. I'm hoping they will be out by the end of this week, if not the start of next week :).

My Baby Shopping Tips:
There's a few things that I've found with buying clothes, and a few tips that people have given me, so I thought I would share them too:
  • We're going to buy a couple of outfits in 00000 if bubs small, and I can always send Tim or a family member off to buy some more.
  • Singlet-suits! A great invention to keep bubs singlets down, to wear under a wonder suit when cold or on its own with cold. We all ready have enough in 0000's and 000's.. need to stock up in bigger sizes.
  • We're going to buy feet-less outfits in 0000 & 00000 in case bub has big feet or long legs but is too small for the next size up. From size 000 I'll be buying outfits with feet covers.
  • Although were using Modern Cloth Nappies, were going to use disposables at first, especially in the first week with the meconiam poo and then till we get into a washing routine with baby. We're getting enough disposables for two weeks. And then see from there.
  • Old style terry towling cloth nappies for burping cloths. They're made to soak up lots of liquid so perfect for lots of vomit! We will be taking these in our hospital bag instead of bibs or burp cloths.
  • We're going to use mini pegs to hold pairs of socks together instead of folding them together. This is so we can see and compare bub's sock sizes without unfolding them all to find the right size. They will look alot neater in bubs drawers too ;).
  • While bubby is tiny were using cloth bibs but as bubby gets older, on solids and starts getting messy we are going to use plastic bibs with catchers down the bottom. Catch all the little ones mess.
  • Snaps on the back of bub clothes is something were going to avoid in sizes 000 or smaller. Not only is bubby going to be on his back most of the time, he will also not be very strong so getting to those back snaps I imagine will be difficult.
That's my progress for this week...
Three weeks till I'm in the next trimester!!