Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 26

Tiley This Week:
Little Tiley's eyes begin to open around about now. I just can't wait to see what colour they turn into. Blue like mummy's or brown like daddy's. I love Tim's brown eyes and would love Tiley to have his eyes and I would also love my little darling to have my own eyes. His hands and feet are so active and strong now and his little feet measures about 5cm (2 inches) long. His fingers are so co-ordinated now he may start sucking his thumb!

This Weeks Amazing Moment:
I would have to say that this weeks amazing moment was my little brothers feeling a BIG kick on Saturday night. My brother Jyle hasn't felt baby until it was little flutters and he was just amazed at how strong he had got! My brother Jordan felt a kick too, he said it was weird... hehe. Unfortunately, by the time it was my mums turn to feel he was just moving and turning, and no big kick but we watched my belly do little waves from Tiley's movements.

Preparing For The Third Trimester:
Well, I can't believe I will be at the third trimester all ready next week! Every week I fall more and MORE in love with my little darling and I'm so shocked how amazingly quick the weeks are going. I'm also shocked at how well the pregnancy has gone the last few weeks... but it was only a few weeks ago I got over the first trimester tiredness and sickness and I've heard from so many people that the third trimester is worse so I'm really hoping that it lasts a while!

100 Days To Go & Six Months Pregnant!:
Tuesday marked 100 days to go! I remember say this about my wedding and getting so excited/freaking out about how close the big day was! And now it's that until my dear darling is due! So I'm now officially on the double digit count-down (99 more days)! Not much long to for at all :) It seemed too long to count down the days to when Tiley is due at the start but the next 99 days will FLY!
Today I'm also officially SIX MONTHS pregnant!! Oh my goodness, I've been pregnant for half a year all ready?? And who would have thought six months would go so damn quick? The quickest six months of my life, that's for sure! Time to get more organised :).

Home Video:
Millie cuddles bubby all the time or just lays there with her paw on my belly, I captured the moment on video.. check it out.


PS, I love it when she jumps off my belly doesn't move! It's so hard now, even a dog jumping off it, it doesn't move!

Progressive Shoot:
Here are the photos from the progressive shoot at 25 weeks.

I REALLY thought I hadn't grown that much, wow I was surprised! I can't wait to see how much I grow in the 31 week shoot now!! The top photo is what we will use. I will put the five photos (19, 25, 31 & 37 weeks & one with baby about three weeks old) in separate frames on the brown feature wall in the nursery.
The 19 week photo just shows how sick I really was. I'm feeling so much better now and loving every moment of the pregnancy :)

Baby Shower:
Here are some ideas of what I've got planned for my baby shower:

So I've ordered this cake from the amazing The Cupcake Fairy. This is the same lady that done our wedding cupcakes and our 12 week pregnancy celebration cupcakes. I just adore her creations!
You can find her on Facebook:!/pages/The-Cupcake-Fairy/171538392115

So the food will be a little kid crazy at the baby shower, it will be so cute! My wonderful mummy has agreed to help me out cater for everyone. Some of my idea's are these cute teddy cars, marshmallow tea cups, fairy bread, cupcakes, cookies, frogs in a pond and all the fun things kids love!

I have soo many ideas for games. I can't give any away just yet but one will reveal little Tiley's name! I better get cracking on game supplies!!

The Blog:
10 weeks ago, on my week 16 post ( I wrote about why I decided to write this blog. It has become my most popular blog, as of this week it's had 113 views! It's WAY more then the usual posts get (not that I write these posts for an audience). It's just reaffirmed to me that I really am giving someone hope that miracles do happen.

14 Weeks To Go Till Bubs Due!