Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby Tiley- 29 Weeks.

Tiley This Week:
Only 78 days till Tiley is due!!
Tiley's now about two & half pounds.. I guess about a third of his (hopefully) birth weight! Wow, It's taken 29 weeks to get to a third of his birth weight and he only has 11 weeks to grow the next two thirds! My belly's going to go all sorts of big!
Tiley's head is finally in proportion to his body, his muscles and lungs are developing rapidly and strongly and he can now taste and respond to pain (I hope he doesn't feel any pain in there!).

Tiley's Movements:
Tiley's movements have become alot less frequent lately, as I pointed out a few weeks ago the majority of Tiley's movements will be around 24-28 weeks.. as predicted, it has dyed down alot but the movements are still amazingly strong and beautiful. Before it was like he never slept, now I can definitely tell he sleeps well. I've started counting movements at 8pm at night, besides the morning where I'm often busy he seems to be active around 8pm every night. He definitely does more then 10 movements in that hour (which is around the amount of movements you should make sure baby is doing) His getting stronger and stronger though and sometimes his kicks or punches can be jolting!
He also has started pushing his leg or arm out and leaving it out for about a minute!
Tim has felt him turn and roll around now and he was quiet shocked at how strong it was. He kept saying how strong it was! I asked him what it felt like and he said it was as if he was there, under his hand, then not, then there again. He was pretty amazed, it was followed by a big kick! Me, it felt like my bowels (or where they use to be) were rolling around.
Monday I'm pretty sure I felt baby have the hiccups. For about five minutes I felt regular kicks at a time where his normally quite, I placed my hand on my belly and smiled. I realised that it wasn't kicks or arm movements because I couldn't feel it on the outside and then it dawned on me... Could this be the hiccups??

Braxton Hicks Contractions:
Today I've been having 'fake' contractions all day. I haven't done much research on them because today's been the first time I've noticed them. If I put my hand on the top of uterus I can feel it contract/tense up for about a minute and then release to normal, but I can also feel it internally which feels pretty strange - alot like a muscle cramp. It's not painful at all, at times a little uncomfortable perhaps, and at times I say 'aww' because it's unexpected (they can be very strong or mild) but they don't actually hurt at all. I'll keep you updated though!

Bump This Week:
I've always thought that this top makes my bump look smaller then normal.. but anyway, here is a recent bump pic :) The second picture is facing the mirror and if you look closely you can see my belly is a bit lop sided!!... It points to the left a little bit, pretty amazing, huh?
My little darling is growing... perfect bump!

So this week I received a letter in the mail from the hospital saying the my recent blood tests show that my iron levels are less then desirable. My iron is naturally low anyway but must be extra low at the moment. Although it's not good that my iron levels are low, I'm pleased that when I feel faint and dizzy, it's not a pregnancy symptom but something can be fixed. I've found that I can't stand for too long without searching for a seat to sit down, I've had to call Tim to lean on a few times while cooking dinner or doing my makeup. So I'm now on Floradix Herbal Iron Liquid that I need to take three times a day. It's disgusting, but hopefully it helps with my iron levels!

Fathers Day:
Although Tiley hasn't arrived yet, I bought Tim/Tiley a little something for fathers day.. cute little booties and a beanie that say 'I Love Dad'. I thought it was the perfect little dad-to-be gift. He will have to wait to next year to get a bigger present!
I also found this PERFECT card to go with his fathers-to-be gift. It says;
"One lucky kid on the way, One great DAD in the making."

While On Maternity Leave:
My maternity leave is coming up in only three & half weeks so I'm preparing what I need to do before baby arrives, what to do to keep myself occupied and what I need to catch up on.

  • -Cleaning - Yes, they're some cleaning 'to-do's' on my list, specifically, dusting and gardening. I'm sure this list will get longer and longer as I nest. I don't mean a quick dust like I normally do.. a dust my nan would approve of! I also need to wash Tiley's clothes and bedding.
  • -I need to sort out what else we need for Tileys clothes. I have a list of what we've got on the computer (Yes, that's how organised I can be!) so I need to sort through that and buy the final clothes, nappy's, bathing equipment ect. I also need to buy breastfeeding bras and tops. 
  • -So something I've been really looking forward to while on maternity leave is doing our wedding scrapbook. Other scrapbooks I need to do and finish is our engagement one, maternity one and my 21st one. I also want to start just a 'Tim & Harley' one from when we met to our maternity pictures, over the last five years, so we will be right for the next five years. I also need to fill up all the empty photo frames we have around the house. I am terrible for this when we're given photo frames and have soo many empty frames that need gorgeous photos.
  • -I need to update my birth plans, both for a natural birth and emergency c-section.
  • -About three months after baby is born we are going to have a naming ceremony so I need to begin organising this while I'm on maternity leave because I'm sure I wont have the time while I have a tiny bundle.
  • -I go on maternity leave two weeks after my baby shower, so it would be a good opportunity to make the baby shower thankyou's and send them out :).
  • -At the moment our address labels say 'Tim & Harley Cocks' so I need to order new address labels with baby's name on them!
  • -My computer is a MESS... so unorganised and it annoys me every time I go looking for a document, so I need to sort through it and make it organised. Also back everything up for a new laptop, very soon!
  • -As I've mentioned before, I really want to read save our sleep before the baby arrives!
  • -The bassinet at the moment is in the baby's room and his little beds not made, so I need to move it into our room and set up his bed. Before I do this we need to find a new place for the computer to make room for the bassinet.
  • -Most importantly I need to buy the final things for my hospital bag and baby's hospital bag and get packing. I'm planning for this to be done by 34 weeks.
  • -By the time babies due I need to make sure the car capsule is set up in the car, ready to take our bundle of joy home!
  • -When I am 36 weeks pregnant we have a breastfeeding class at the hospital and I also want to watch some other online classes.
  • -While I'm cooking meals before my due date I'm going to make extra meals and freeze them, ready for when baby's due. Freezing alot of casserole's, lasagna, soups and other easy to defrost meals.
One more week till I'm 30 weeks!!