Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Tiley- Week 32

Tiley This Week:
Tiley would weigh in around 4 pounds (1.8kilo's) now, give or take around half a pound. He weighs around half of what he will at birth. Hopefully he actually weighs over half, were hoping for a 7 pound 9ish baby :).
Tiley's also around 43 cm now and I just can't imagine him that tall. I still often reminsce on the days where his whole body was the size of my finger nail!
Tiley's producing more fat in his skin this week and his skin is starting to look more like a newborn!
Some babies have a head of hair all ready, some don't - I wonder if Tiley will or not? His daddy was completely bald and has bets that Tiley will be too. We so can't wait to see!

The Progressive Shoot:
Well.. we did do the shoot this week but while hubby was taking the photos my camera died so we had use my phone... but it meant that the photos weren't exactly the same as the other shoots (you can see the progress shoot's here (week 26) ) So this is Take One of the 31 week shoot which were not using as the progressive pictures. We will do another shoot this week to get the exact angles, heights ect and use them... Here's a picture anyway because I promised them :)
Pregnancy Symptoms:
Pelvic Pain:
It's fair to say that I did not expect this pain! I've been shocked with a lot of things this pregnancy but the pain from my pelvis.. wow. That's not fun. Tiley's head has been down since 29 weeks (I've also heard that first baby's engage alot sooner) so that would be why I have pelvic pain early... but goooddness me. I'm not impressed at all. So, It's official. The pregnancy woddle has begun! I'm also sitting like a man - legs apart and am sooo slow when I walk. I cherish everything about my pregnancy, I really love every moment but it would be an extra bonus if this pain disappeared all together ;).
Leg Cramps:
The first time I got a leg cramp during pregnancy was at 20 weeks and I haven't had one since, but I had one again this week. I'm quite surprised, I expected them more often. I think because I've been getting hubby to massage my legs and I always have a warm shower before bed it's been helping with the circulation in my legs. Hopefully no more for a while!!
The heartburn is still lingering around and it's starting to get to the stage where NOTHING helps but avoid every food on the planet. The biggest thing that gives me heartburn is water.. water?? Apparently it's not, it just sti's up your stomach acids. Lovely!
Nose Bleeds:
This is a new one, as of today I have caught the pregnancy blood nose. I have noticed in the last week that my veins are so visable now and I've been given some varicose veins on my legs (so pretty, huh). The increase of blood flow has made my legs feel so heavy and now it's too much pressure for my little nose.

This week has been a great week though, one of my easiest weeks so far, I've loved every moment of it, I've had some great happy hormones to go with it too. All these symptoms are for the greater good of my baby, which make them so worth it :)

Washing Tiley's Clothes:
Since we now have everything ready for baby and are officially COMPLETELY ORGANISED with everything. Clothes. Nappies. Blankets. Towels. Bathing Equipment. Toys.. - it was time to start washing all of his clothes and everything else.
I think it will take the next 8 weeks to actually get through it all!... but maybe it's because I'm super picky on washing everything. I always wash whites and colours separate, but with Tiley's clothes I've put each load on TWO gentle cycles, except for his towels and blankets I put on two heavy cycles. I've been so picky about what to wash with what too - First load, whites. Second, reds, Third, light colours, Fourth, dark colours, Fifth wool. I'm either being very careful about dye in clothes running and trying not to ruin his new clothes.. or I've started nesting :S. And wow, how many body suits does this bubba need?! I still don't think he has enough clothes, in fact Tim & I went out and bought another outfit on Monday and suspect that we will keep doing so until this little man starts paying for his own clothes, hehe.

Preparing To Leave Work:
One more day left... tomorrow is my last day! woohoo!.. I'm so glad to leave but I'm dreading tomorrow, how will I say goodbye to everyone? Last week was my last work meeting and I received these super cute gifts! A gorgeous bunch of flowers, a card everyone signed, hand made beanie, bib and mittens set and a cute teddy!.. naww.

The Nursery:
The nursery is finally finished!! and it looks so gorgeous! You will have to wait till next week for some pictures because as you know were in the middle of washing all of baby's clothes, so they're in Tiley's cot in piles of sizes to sort out. So I will share some photos when the room is all tidy of tiny clothes :)

Two weeks till my maternity shoot.