Saturday, September 15, 2012

Being Me (Formal Wear - Maternity Style)

So this post took longer then expected, while I tried to find the perfect dress to buy so I could share it with this post! I could not find it anywhere... maternity clothes.. well NICE maternity clothes are so hard to find!! Also for the wedding that I need a dress for, the wedding colour is my favourite colour so I had to find a dress that I adored in a colour that I didn't adore.... :S On op of that, I'm only pregnant for another two months... I don't want to spend so much on a dress I'm not going to wear again!
But thank goodness for tax time!! I finally got my tax back so was able to treat myself. I have my maternity shoot, a masquerade party and a wedding coming up, so here's some of the gorgeous things I bought for the special occasions!...



Stunning maternity bra's by HotMilk. You can order them through Judy's Body Fashion. I also fell in love with this gorgeous top from Pink Pixie and had to get a pair of jeans to match :).

It's no secret that I'm an EBAY-ADDICT and I've shared this photo before but here it is again, a dress I found on Ebay and LOVE and hopefully arriving soon :).
I would just wear a black tank top underneath and I all ready have a pair of heels that will match in perfectly (If my pregnant feet and back let me wear them!). This will also look super cute with some black tights and black ballet slippers!
Masquerade Mask Ideas:

I need to find (or make, which I'm leaning more towards) a mask for the party too... here are a couple of masks I adore:

In my shopping adventure I came across some great sites that I thought I would share too! I didn't find anything for me but there are some gorgeous items!
And then I FINALLY found one I like from  !!

It was at an amazing reduced price :) I just love the stretch lace so I ordered it in the royal blue colour! It's not completely my style but I can wear a pretty silver/gray cardigan with silver jewellery and a gorgeous pair of silver shoes to match to make it more ME :).
Cardigan Ideas:
So now I have two beautiful maternity dresses on the way, which occasion do I wear what one to??

What I Learnt About Myself This Week:
I may not find something that is my style, or completely me, but it doesn't take much to add a few things to make it more ME :)... I need to remember this with other clothes I just put on just because they fit. All it may need is a gorgeous frilly cardigan or some beautiful accessories :)

Next Week: Scrap booking Ideas.

-Harley xx


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