Saturday, September 8, 2012

Being Me. (My Favourites)

I have realised over the last (almost) seven months that I have been incredibly consumed about becoming a mummy and my little darling tiny baby. I have been consumed about becoming a mummy for over four years now, and more so over the last two years - you can read my journey HERE - but the last month or so It's really hit me that I'm forgetting who 'I' am.
I am amazingly excited about how close it is before I am a mum, I am amazingly excited that our baby is finally coming. No words can describe how much I'm looking forward to it. But I have been consumed by BABY. I am a self-confessed shopaholic and I no longer buy ANYTHING for myself - it's all for baby. I LOVE getting my nails done, and haven't once since being pregnant (I would much rather buy for baby). I loved my bleach blonde hair, but went back to natural so I wasn't bleaching while pregnant- for baby. I've stopped scrapbooking till my maternity leave so I have something to do...loosing my hobby during the pregnancy. Due to my big belly, I've been wearing anything that fits or is comfortable - even if it's my style or not. All these are trivial I know, and all I don't mind at all doing... but they all contribute to the sense of me loosing myself.
I know this is only going to get worse when baby arrives....

So along with my weekly updates of baby Tiley that come out on Wednesday's (which are so much more exciting :D) I'm also going to post about ME on Saturday's. I'm going to learn more about myself & I'm going to embrace myself.

Here's my new 'self' post:
Here are some of my favourite things that make up 'me':

I love bling, that's for sure, and always love to bling anything of mine up! With my maternity leave coming up = a lack of funds there is no way I'm going to afford a new phone, that I do in fact need, anytime soon. So I searched my favourite store, Ebay, for a phone cover to modernise my phone that it truly ME. I'm waiting on it's arrival still....

I haven't had my nails done while pregnant for a few reasons... I would much rather buy baby stuff, I have been blessed with pregnancy nails that are strong instead of my usual weak ones and I've been super busy but it's one thing I ADORE doing. My favourite beauty theropy.

My Wedding Day

I am PINK lady! I love the colour pink - light, soft pinks especially. If I wasn't living with my husband my whole house would be pink! .... but I'll just have to leave it to cute pink clothes ;)

I ADORE Mariah Carey and have since I was very young, I love her music, I love her voice, I love her style and I love her 'butterfly' theme

I love having long hair so much but it's so hard to contain. On special occasions another one of the things I love to beautify myself with is hair extensions! I need to invest in some more because I recently changed my hair from blonde back to natural auburn and have a wedding and masquerade party coming up!

So now you know a little about what makes up me, and some of my favourite things, follow my 'being me' blog posts while I learn more about being me while becoming mummy :)

Next week - wedding & masquerade dress ideas.

-Harley x


Jayme Holmes said...

You really do lose who you are while pregnant but you find a completely new person you didn't know was in there! Keep it up Harley x <3

Harley Cocks said...

Thanks babe, I'm looking forward to finding that new person too xx