Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Me. (Scrapbooking)

My biggest hobby is scrapbooking. I love it, and now I'm only days away from my maternity leave... Which I've been saving all my scrapbooking jobs up for. My first book to finish is my wedding scrapbook of us all getting ready & the ceremony. I have done two digital one's all ready of the bridal portraits and the reception.
I did these on One I am in the midst of re-doing because I didn't like my first attempt (I do this a lot!) I have done so many projects on adore digital scrapbooking just as much as hand-made scrapbooking. Here are some other projects I've done on
 Next on my scrapbooking to-do list is to finish my engagement album. I've basically finished but there are some pages that need tidying up. I can use the left over wedding embellishments for the engagement book too :)

Then it's preparing my maternity digital scrapbook to be finished. I wont be ordering it until the baby does come- encase I have to turn it into a 'pink' book and I also want to put his birth photos at the end but I want it finished as much as possible. Click HERE to take a look at my Week 25 blog to see some photos of my maternity digital scrapbook.
While I'm doing that I also want to make our Christmas tags, and address labels. (all from too)

A BIG project that I have to do - but I'm not sure if I will is my 1950's 21st birthday scrapbook. I was given a gorgeous 21st scrapbook to do them and started it.. and stuffed it up! :(.. so I want to start it all again.. unfortunately I have no more 1950's embellishments left so I think it will be something that will need to wait until after baby is here.
I went to a creative memories party last week & here are some gorgeous things that I bought!! I can't wait to use them! Alot are for baby boys scrapbooks but it was great to stock up for my maternity leave! Looking forward to getting creative :D

What I Learnt About Me This Week:
 I am still the creative person I have always been!... and I love it :)

Next Week: My Favourite (easy) Recipe's.
-Harley xx


tracie said...

Aw I can't comment on your shower post for some reason. Your bump is so cute! And I can't believe how many gifts you got!! Also, Jydan is such a sweet and cute way to honor your little brothers. Hope you're feeling well!!

Harley Cocks said...

I was just going through my blog and noticed that too.. for some reason on that blog post you can't comment - I'm not sure how to fix it, I've gone through every setting!
Thankyou for the compliments :) I'm loving every moment.. hope you are too :D