Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Tiley- 34 Weeks.

Baby Tiley:
I just can't believe how big our little boy is now, his not that far off being a newborn heigh. He would be about 46cm from head to toe now (based on if he is 51cm at birth). That's only 3cm smaller then how big I was when I was born! No wonder his stretching out a lot - I'm sure his so squished now!
His also about 2.4 kilos now / 5.2 pounds. I'm secretly hoping that he will only put on another 2 & 1/2 pounds, around about. But I don't mind :D.
Tiley's working on his muscle development this week, and will be turning his head from side to side, opening and closing his eyes and moving those gorgeous little muscles.

My Bump This Week:
Tiley's Movements:
Tiley often has his legs up towards the right. I especially only feel him get into my right rib but a couple of days this week I felt him all in my left side. For some reason too, the left rib kicks hurt alot more then the right ones! He seems to have settled back into his usual position now, he must prefer his legs and being flipped onto the right side, thank goodness - I know I certainly prefer him being on my right. Before he was too squished and would flip and rotate alot I seemed to have never liked him being into my left side, it was always so painful and uncomfortable, I wondered if it was anything to do with the way the curve in my spine went.
Tiley had some massive work-out days this week, I don't think he slept for about 30 hours! Or if he did, it was only 5 minute naps! He definitely took all my energy and I was exhausted because I couldn't get to sleep at all! He does this around once a month or so and goes absolutely nuts for a couple of days straight -  and then so quite, that he has a lack of movements! Last time it happened, at 30 weeks, it made me quite concerned even though it has been happening throughout the whole pregnancy and I went to the hospital for lack of fetal movement, all was okay of course :). Although he would go very quite he would also stick to his routine of most movements around 6 am and then 8 pm. My guess is his going to be a very routine baby... gee! I know so much about one little tiny tummy baby.

High Blood Pressure:
I mentioned a few weeks ago about my pre-eclampsia scare (you can read a little about it HERE) and then my blood pressure dropping back down and all being okay the next week (Which you can read more about it HERE)
Well, here's an update;
I have been keeping a very close eye on it, and checking on it about every two days. If it's high I keep checking it until it goes down and even give the hospital a call if I feel it's too high. It goes up really high each week and then goes back down again - it's so unsteady!
Monday it had gone up again so although I have just had a midwives appointment last Friday I am booked in again this Friday. I feel that weekly appointments are more fitting for my situation as along with the blood pressure there is protein and SOMETIMES (It does go away too!) sudden swelling. If my blood pressure was high all the time I would be diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, but it seems I am only pre-eclamptic a couple of days out of the week... my body can amaze me by making my beautiful boy and then frustrate me for not doing it perfectly!

Symptom's This Week:
-Increase In Allergy's
-Pelvic Pain

All in all, I do not feel ' 34 weeks pregnant'... I feel great! Possibly only 24 weeks pregnant. I feel I can do this pregnancy thing for more then the next 6 weeks (but baby WILL be coming on time!!!). I often get the comments now of 'oh you must be over it', 'oh I bet you can't wait until it's over'.. but i'm not.. Am I normal?
Realising I've ONLY got six weeks to go, I'm really making the most of it. Videoing every circus act Tiley does, taking many bump pictures, showing off my bump with tight clothing, spending quality time just rubbing and 'ahhing' over my belly and his movements and doing double takes of every time I look in the mirror with my belly exposed. I'm not ready to give up being pregnant yet.. I'm secretly hoping the next 6 weeks don't go too fast  (Possibly coming from the unknown fact if we can have #2) but on the same hand I am more then ready and mentally prepared and excited for this baby to come!

Midwives Appointment:
Tim actually got to go to this appointment which is the first midwives appointment his been to, besides our scare at 11 Weeks and all our scans but none of the midwives or doctors appointment. It was amazing to see him involved. He loved hearing bubbys heartbeat because our home Doppler doesn't pick it up as loud and strong.
My fundal height is measuring a week smaller, I can't keep up with this fundal height business! but that's still pretty perfect :).
Other then that, we chatted about what to be on the look out with regarding pre-eclampsia and what to pack in my hospital bag.

Does anyone know what pres.part & station means??

Itti Bitti Modern Cloth Nappy Review:
So I HAVEN'T tried these cloth nappies on bub yet, obviously. We've washed them a couple of times with Tri Nature Washing Powder snapped and folded them all up and they are ready to go. Tim and I sat for a couple of hours feeling, snapping and chatting about our favourite nappy's, which ones we do and don't like and our favourites were definitely the Itti Bitti's. We've bought many brands so we can see what we like best, what suits baby's bum and what we will continue buying. Just a reminder, we have not used them on baby yet - this review is just based on thickness/thinness, drying time, waterproofness, matching boosters/inserts and size. I will do another review when baby actually wears them, and we will see if our favourites or thoughts change.

Itti Bitti's come in so many gorgeous colours and patterns. They also have sales on so often. Itti Bitti comes in three different styles, the Itti Bitti D'lish (sized nappy's), which also come in Snap-In-One's or All-In-One's, the Itti Bitti Tutto's (One-size-fits-most) and the Itti Bitti Boo's (Night Nappy's). We have the the Itti Bitti D'lish's, and the Itti Bitti Tutto's.

Itti Bitti D'lish Snap In One's (These are our favourites):
  • They are very quick drying, the quickest of all the nappies we have.
  • You can use the nappy as a shell/cover without the boosters for other nappy's that are not waterproof.
  • You can 'snap in' the boosters for a complete nappy.
  • If only the boosters are wet, you can just replace the boosters, snap in new boosters without changing the nappy.
  • You do not have to unsnap to wash, they can be washed all together!

Itti Bitti All In One's:
  • These are so easy and convenient, they come with everything inside and sown into the nappy.
  • You don't need to worry about finding the correct boosters or anything, they are all-in-one!

Itti Bitti Tutto's:
  • These are One-Size-Fit's-Most and go from size's small to extra-large which are bigger then the d'lish comes in.
  • These can last forever!
  • These work just like the Snap In One's that we love!
  • They come with three different boosters that snap in. You can use all three for night-time or choose whatever boosters best fit your baby's wetting and pooing habbits.
  • Tutto's come with hip snaps to avoid fabric rubbing on baby's hips.

3 days till my maternity shoot!!

P.S I have been working on my blog.. is it looking better?


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