Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Tiley- 35 Weeks

Tiley This Week:
Baby is weighing in at about 5 & 1/2 pounds now and boy can I feel it! I don't know how I'm going to cope with another two pounds (hopefully!!) on top of that! But then again, two weeks ago he was supposedly only 4 & 1/2 pounds and it doesn't feel all that much different. Tiley has grown another centimeter this week, and will continue to grow a centimeter each week until around 38 weeks until he stops completely while in my tummy!
Baby is beginning to co-ordinate his reflexes now, his always accomplishing something each week.
For some reason I have been really looking forward to making it to 35 weeks, I couldn't wait to make it, and to be able to say only five weeks to go. Tuesday marked me being 8 months pregnant! Woohoo! Today marks 36 days left till my due date! woohoo!

Hospital Appointment:
Last friday I had the hospital appointment to check my blood pressure again. It was 145/75 which they said is fine because the most concerning number is the bottom number, and 75 is perfect. The top number is an indication of stress, and not a major concern, and the bottom number doesn't tend to go up too much at all with stress. The second number, the diastolic number is under 90 at the moment so it's not a concern.
I spoke about my concerns with feeling faint, dizzy, blurred vision and bad headaches which I have been feeling for a few weeks and have let them know about with the last three appointments. It seemed they finally listened and tried to figure out what was causing these symptoms. So the lady then again took my blood pressure but with me standing up! My blood pressure dropped to 100/65! Because of the huge changes in my blood pressure when I stand up I'm getting all these symptoms, and the 'bad headaches' are actually migraines.
I was just told to take my time getting up, sit down when I feel like I'm going to faint and take some panadol.
Because my blood pressure isn't a concern for now, my next appointment was made for when I am 37 weeks.

Symptoms This Week:
-Pelvic Pain
The pelvic pain, although it is terribly painful, I'm getting quite use to. Besides, nowadays, if I feel I'm in too much pain to do something, I can just say no and rest at home, so it's not overly terrible.
-Blood Nose
This week I was blessed with my second blood nose (not!), with these migraines and blood noses I feel like everything in my head is going to burst!
My lack of sleep has actually improved this week. I'm only waking up twice through the night for bathroom/drink/quick eze trips and the first time I can easily get back to sleep.. I can deal with that ;).
-Heart Burn
My heartburn has increased this week, is there a limit to how many quick eze you can have a day???
My major symptom this week has been the migraines. This I think is all to do with my blood pressure going so high and then dropping so low as I mentioned above. I had never had a migraine before and just thought I was getting 'bad headaches'.. yep, very bad headaches!
My SUPER swollen feet!
>>> Check out my swollen feet! There not always like this, by the end of the day they are swollen but not this bad, but with my extreme business, this is what they looked like by the end of last week. They think they are pregnant too!
So this is to do with my blood pressure getting so low too. A rest stop normally fixes this but has the tendency to make for some very embarrassing situations. During our maternity shoot I had to ask if I could sit and rest for a moment.

Amber Jewellery:
So I've just bought an amber anklet for Tiley, and wanted to share some information about them, if you know much or not much about them, they are so interesting! They have been increasingly popular over the last year or so and are suppose to be a relief for the pain associated with teething. If it does or doesn't work for our baby, I think it's worth trying.
The amber anklet I bought is made of raw baltic amber which comes from tree raisin that grew in the forests of the baltic region, especially Europe, millions and millions of years ago. It's said to be extraordinary amber. This particular amber is still sold in pharmacies and health shops in the baltic region, especially in Germany where their herbal remedies, natural therapies and medications are more advanced then Australia - I even take a German herbal iron liquid - so, so far it is not on the Therapeutic Goods Australia register.
Amber is thought to work by realising natural oils through the skin into the blood stream. Baltic amber contains about 8 % succinic acid, also known as the spirit of amber or amber acid, which is thought to be a natural antibiotic.
The raw amber is unpolished amber that has not gone through chemical shaping and cleaning so they have more natural oils.

Maternity Shoot:
Saturday was a pretty fun day, the morning started off with getting my makeup and hair done, all organised by our maternity photographer and we had our maternity shoot by TK's Photography. Here is a sneak peak image of our shoot.
I'm so happy with Tanya's work. I had major doubts about getting these photos done, from my pregnancy weight gain, to me carrying so low, but I thought with how much of a treasure and miracle it is to be here right now, the unknown if there will be number 2, and being our first, I knew one day I would look back at them and be thankful I got them done. But, with Tanya's amazing work I'm looking at this photo NOW and so thankful I got them done. Definitely much better then I thought they would turn out, my doubts of myself seem so silly now! So definitely check out her website,
I can't wait to share more images with you but I believe that will be in a few weeks time. Thankyou Tanya!
Tanya from TK's photography will also be doing fresh newborn photo's of little Tiley!

Masquerade Party:

Last Wednesday was my lovely friends 25th birthday and she had a masquerade! It was a fantastic night and my word, did her venue make some delicious mocktails! I thought I would share because I had spoken about getting a mask and dress organised in a previous blog post that you can see HERE. Not quite like the masks I shared but I suppose it was similar to the first mask on the previous blog post. Still gorgeous. My darling hubby bought me the gorgeous mask to wear so I didn't have to make one in the end :)

5 more days 'till out breastfeeding class!


Camille said...

Yay, how exciting!! We're definitely getting close. :) I feel for you with the swollen feet, mine are the same way. Those migraines sound just awful, I hope you get some relief from them.

Harley Cocks said...

Thankyou Camille :)
They are but thankfully we don't have long to go :D
I can't wait to see our posts about our newborns!!