Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Tiley - 36 Weeks.

Tiley This Week:
Baby is gaining around about 28-30 grams a day now and weighing in at around 6 pounds (2.7 kilos)! His grown another centimeter too, 48 centimeters / 19 inches. I can really feel his length now because my insides and lungs feel SO squashed. I can't wait to see how he actually measures compared to the stats!
Tiley's fat layers are starting to build now and his starting to look like a chubby, rolly little newborn. He may even be forming his little dimples on his face, knees and elbows, how cute!
By now, many of baby's systems are pretty mature and just about ready for outside life like his blood circulation and immune system. His lungs and digestive system still need to be perfected. In fact, his digestive system wont fully mature until after birth!
Monday marked exactly one more month to go!! One month 'till the 22nd of November when baby is due. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Today marks 29 days to go :).

Tiley's Movements/Routine:
Lately Tiley has been moving alot more. His been really active and seems to be awake much more then usual. He is probably awake around three times during the night now, where before I would never wake to his movements. His awake till about 10-11pmish, then again around 3am and then again around 6am. If this is his newborn routine, I can deal with that.
I've felt Tileys hiccups this week more then I have the whole pregnancy, I think before this week I only felt them about twice or three times, and this week I've felt them about four or five times!
During Week 34 I wrote about how Tiley found my very uncomfortable left side... and yet again he has. Although he mostly kicks on the right side or the middle he seems to go into my left ribs every couple of days, If I place my hand on my rib I can feel him pounding it, I can feel his foot pushing into them.. His so strong!

Naming Ceremony:
The hall we are wanting to
book for the naming ceremony!
I have started organising baby boys naming ceremony which is still months away and will be on the 23rd of March. Tiley will be around 4 months!

A naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child. An alternative to a dedication or christening. It is a way of welcoming the child and officially introducing him/her to family and friends.
During the ceremony, important mentors for the baby/child are introduced. Poems, readings, speech's, wishes for the baby, gifts from the parents are presented, signing of a certificate and anything else symbolic that you choose to do. Basically you can do whatever you would like to represent the beginning of your child's life.
Naming ceremonies are often held by a celebrant but as they have no legal status or anything we are going to run the ceremony ourselves with family.

Symptoms This Week:
-Pelvic Pain

-Mild Back Pain

-Increase In Allergies
-Out of breath.
This week 'pregnancy' has really hit my body. I'm not 'over the pregnancy' but I have struggled to be comfortable this week. At times I feel incredibly weak physically because I can't bend properly or move quick enough. I'm quick to get frustrated at myself and I'm always asking Tim if it's frustrating that he has to help me out all the time... yes ladies, his always quick to say 'not at all' ;).
I am really thankful for my husband, his always quick to help me out. Pregnancy is really a team effort thing!
Besides that though, this week has been another incredible learning experience :).

Labour Signs:
-Sharp Pains 'Down There'.
-More Painful Braxton Hicks.
-Baby More Active.
-Stomach's Changed Shape.

Still could mean that labour is 4 weeks away, or I may even go over but I thought I would start documenting my labour signs!

Breast Feeding Class:
Monday we went to a breast feeding class at the hospital I'm going to give birth at. It was much more informative and helpful then I expected. Tim came along with me too. At the start there was only one other male (we thought Tim would be the only one, so that was good) and then another male came late. It was great to see the males supporting there partners! Tim probably felt awkward at the start but afterwards when we spoke and debriefed about the things we had learnt it sounds like he really took alot in. We not only just learnt about everything breastfeeding, like how to position the baby, how the baby should suckle, how often around about baby should feed but also what and what not to feed/ give to drink baby when his a little older, and about baby's teeth when his older.
Everyone that were there, but two people, were due in November as well. There was one lady due on the 7th of November and then the next due was ME!! There was the 24th, 26th, 27th and 29th (Friends of ours), so we were all due around the same time.
While we were there I booked into do a tour around the birthing unit for next Tuesday.

Packing My Hospital Bag:
It's official, the hospital bags are 'almost' all packed and ready to go. I am finally parting with my dressing gown for a few weeks!! I'm waiting on the baby's first outfit to come in the mail and then it can be officially organised! There are the last minute things to do, like charge my camera and put it in my hand bag ready to go along with my birth plan, phone charger and other last minute things.
Inside the bags:
I've put a 00000 and a 000 suit just encase, two outfit's in 0000, two wondersuits in 0000... singlets (3), socks (2), bodysuits (2), beanie (1), mittens (1) and booties (1).
Nappies (20), wipes, apricot oil, bags for soiled nappy's, photo shoot items, face washers.
Two tracksuit outfits, underwear, two packets of maternity pads, breast pads, toilet paper, ural, lanosah, jumper, dressing gown, slippers, thongs, shampoo, conditioner, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, plastic bags, moisturiser, winter socks (3), Nighty and a hot water bottle.

The Capsule:
The capsule is now in the car and ready to take the baby home! Probably a little early but we are just so excited and it's one thing we could tick off our to-do list. Yeeyy!!

The Nappy Stash:
Our Newborn & Small MCN stash is complete now, all washed and ready! And all ready for someones cute hieny! We have a few OSFM (one size fits most) too...
One & half weeks 'till we do our next progressive shoot!


Camille said...

Yay, 36 wees! Getting so close. :D Wow, you have a LOT of cloth diapers!! I hope I am buying enough...

Harley Cocks said...

Yes very close!!! :D :D
You will work out how many MCN's you need in no time :)