Saturday, October 6, 2012

Being Me (My Home)

There is nothing more that says who you are then your home!

I'm admitting, it took Tim a long time to learn to compromise and let me style our little unit. I guess because I moved in with him, rather then us getting a house together. It's really only been since we got married that I've added my style in. We've gone from monaro car pictures in the lounge room to wedding portraits, pretty cushions on the couches, candles around the home, geelong or car bedding to bedding we BOTH agree on and there's always a touch of me in the kitchen, weather it's my pink apron hanging up, a batch of yummy cupcakes, a bunch of flowers or some cute wall stickers.Were in the process of styling the bathroom with black decorations, towels and hand towels... still have lots to do. Next it will be our bedroom and the kitchen.

We are hoping to only be in our unit for another year or so before buying a bigger home so we have some exciting renovations to do in the next year to get our house all gorgeous... but for now, here is my home:

My Favourite Space's In My Home:

The bookshelf in our lounge room has so many beautiful reminders of our wedding. My dried out bouquet sits on top next to the frame all our wedding guests (well, the sober one's) signed. There's our registry pen,  bridal table decorations, cake topper and other wedding decorations. Definitely a gorgeous space in my home.
My very messy scrap booking area (AKA the dinning table). We never use the dinningtable and I really needed a  scrap booking space for some 'me' time and to do something while on maternity leave, so I sorted out all  my scrap booking stuff, organised everything into tidy boxes and piles and made my own scrap booking area... until I started scrap booking ;).  I've been spending a bit of time in this space and love it!
I cannot spend my evenings without snuggled up to my blanket on the couch. This is definitely my favourite space in my home. Snuggled up to my hubby, pillow and blanket!
My baby's room is a space I love in my home! This is the cute little door sign as an entrance into his room...ahhhh looove!

The Things That Make My House, My Home:
As if my house could be a home without my husband? He brings love, happiness, silliness, contentment, and calmness. His the support, the foundation of my home, the sanity and provider of our home. I snatched a good one :)

My little princess Millie makes my little house my home. My house wouldn't be a home without her cuddles, morning and 'welcome home' craziness, her curiosity, attention, and her love.

The beautiful photos of me and my husband around our home. These are two portraits of our wedding day on our lounge room walls. You can also see a frame of four photos of mine and Tim's engagement. We have so many gorgeous decorations around our house too that make our house more homely.

So many gorgeous candles surround my home. I love candles, especially from partylite and burning the wick candles. I love how homely and calming the scent and look of candles make my home. I often have candles burning when guests are over or hubby and I are having a romantic night.  I also love burning melts with a dash eucalyptus oil burning by a nice smelling tea light while I dust or vacuum. It clears the dust perfectly.

What I've Learnt About Me This Week:

My home says so much about me, it maybe tiny and old but it's my home.
We have so many memories here and so many to make when baby comes and that's what makes a home.
 Next Week:
My Cupcake Obsession.
-Harley xx

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