Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being Me

So after the craziness of baby this week so far I haven't even managed to focus on myself for an hour to do this blog post! Even writing to this post at the moment I am struggling to switch off from baby and onto me. I don't know what to write so I decided to change this blog... about being me THIS WEEK.
I am exhausted.
I am sore.
I am emotional.
I am lazy.
I am thinking too much.

The contractions over the past few days have made every muscle in my body hurt, even in my legs. Not only that but I feel like this baby is going to rip through my stomach, I feel his got too big for my body to handle.
I haven't had a full nights sleep in days because the contractions keep me awake.

Being me has been really hard this week and it's only Tuesday!

For the rest of the week I will try to be;
More Active.
More Interactive.

My goal this week is to find something positive about myself each day, I will share them in my next 'being me' post.

-Harley xx

1 comment:

Jayme Holmes said...

I feel for you doll,
You are doing an amazing job and he will be out causing havoc before you know it


Stay Strong