Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Jydan - 2 Weeks


Two Weeks Young:
Wow, Jydan is two weeks all ready! I can't believe it! And the last two weeks has gone so quick, its felt like a day! I did aim to do a 'one week' post but it took about a week and a half to find the time to venture off and write a post. If I didn't have my beautiful baby in my arms, I was napping, taking a quick shower or had visitors around. I feel like I've been able to enjoy Jydan's second week alot more, especially because we've been home and I'm not in so much pain. I am in absolute love with my little man. He is the completion of my heart.
Jydan is all ready following his own little night & mourning routine! Even if he goes slightly out of his routine he fixes himself back up & his on track again by the next time he wakes up! (although last night was a bad night!!) I have this great app on my phone called iBaby and I log in his feeds, wee's, poop's & sleeps and have noticed that it's all pretty much alike every day, give or take half hour. He will have a feed and nappy change 12:00am then sleep, then again at 4am, then 6:30am for either a cuddle, a quick 10minute comfort feed and nappy change and then he will go down for a long morning nap where I usually nap too and feed again, nappy change and cuddles at 11:30am and again around 3:30pm & 7:30pm. 
Jydan was born at 52 centimeters long and 8 pounds 5 oz. He went down to 7 pound 6 oz when he was four days and back up to 8 pound 1 when he was six days old! I'm going to get him weighed again tomorrow but I imagine that his over his birth weight now, not sure by how much but his got his little chubby leg rolls back!! hehe.
His looks have changed sooo much. He looks like a little boy now with tiny, tiny features! His gorgeous hair is between mine & Tim's. It's mine in the dark and Tim's in the light. Just perfect. He looks so much like Tim now and alot like myself as a baby. He really is a gorgeous little cocktail of me & Tim :). 

14 Days.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan LOVES music, it calms him down when his frustrated and helps him to breastfeed better. I think it's because I listened to alot of music while I was pregnant.
He really likes his baths too. Well, he once cried during a bath and I think that's because his father bathed him, hehe. His never cried for me!
I haven't found anything that he doesn't like yet, except being naked when his cold. His fine being naked when it's warm! Ohh and if he can't latch on straight away when feeding he gets frustrated. He's such a cruisy baby!
Clinic Appointment:
When Jydan was 6 days new we had Jydan's first clinic appointment. It went so well. We were told he has the strength of a four week old baby, especially in his neck. Which is so true. He is extremely strong, and that was a week ago! I'm interested to know how strong he is now! We also found out that we have to keep an eye on his belly button, it should heal up naturally but he has a little hernia. It's looking better now all ready though :).
Tongue Tie:
In the announcement post I mentioned that Jydan was born tongue tied. I had alot of trouble feeding the first couple of days because he couldn't suck very well at all. We decided to talk with the paediatrician. She mentioned that she wouldn't do the procedure if it wasn't necessary and checked him. She said that it was necessary to allow him to suck. His tongue tie could also cause him speech problems. So he got the tie in his tongue cut. I cried more then him! I wasn't sure if I should go with him or not but decided the best thing to do was if he was comforted by me afterwards. Well, ever since then, apart from some issues learning to attach, his been a great feeder! He spent the afternoon after it was cut rolling his tongue around his mouth and discovering it. It was amazing to see.
Breast Feeding:
He was on three hourly feeds because of his jaundice which meant I had to wake him during sleeps. Now his jaundice is clearing I am more demand feeding when his hungry but won't let him go more then 5 hours between feeds. I am actually really proud of myself, after having to hand express for him the first few days of his life I can't believe all is going well with the feeding now. He does get frustrated if he can't latch on properly, but I hear that's a boy thing anyway. Oh and he has these gorgeous little concentration toes when his drinking, he spreads his toes right out.. it's so cute!

Jydan's first feed after his tongue
was corrected.

Concentration Toes!
Blog After Pregnancy:
Now my pregnancy is over my blog posts will now be about my perfect little man. I'll be doing weekly posts of him until his a few months old, then it will be monthly posts. I will also write a post of life as a mum once a week.
I'm sure you have all ready noticed too that 'Baby Tiley' is now 'Baby Jydan'. Tiley was Jydans 'pet' name while I was pregnant. We had the name Jydan picked out but still refered to him as Tiley most of the time. It was a combination of TIm & harLEY... no baby is here I'm using his real name :).