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Baby Tiley - 38 Weeks

Baby Tiley This Week:
I think every site I look up to find Baby Tiley's around about weight and height tells me different measurements. The majority of websites say around 7 pounds and alot of them state that boys will tend to weigh more then girls! My own guess, if his born this week, he will be around 7.5 pounds. I think he will be about 8.3 pounds by the time 40 weeks come around.
They are also saying that he would be anywhere between 19-21 inches now (48-53 centimeters)... yep, the websites seem to have no idea now, it's all at a guess! My guess is he will be around 50 centimeters when his born.
Tiley would have lost most, if not all, of the vernix and is now starting to shed the lanugo, the fine hair that's been covering his skin.

Tiley's Movements:
I've been nick naming Tiley 'flop' this week because he has been flopping to the one side. If I'm laying down I have to sometimes move him to the middle so I can get up, which absolutely kills my pelvis. It's quite hilarious though looking at my bump all to one side.
Tiley's been getting into my ribs SO much. He really likes to kick his leg through them and often when I'm laying down I can see his foot protruding out!

Being 38 Weeks:
Well, It's NOVEMBER!! Due month has arrived and I'm still pregnant! I actually can't believe I'm still here! I start drafting these posts a few days before I publish them so I was a bit reluctant to start this one, just in case I would be waisting my time.. apparently not!
I know every pregnant person wishes they would go early, but with all the contractions and going into early labour two weeks ago now, AND being told that it will be a few days to a week, almost two weeks ago, I was dead-set baby would be out by now. Every Saturday that passes (If you remember our 'Saturday theory', if not, take a peak at Week 23) I'm on high alert... 'ohhh was that a contraction'.. 'what was that?'................... Hopefully this Saturday ;).
All in all, this week has been fairly good actually, besides being slower, fatter and dopier (lots of baby brain moments!!) I'm not in as much pain as I have been, or I've learnt to handle the pain better, either way, I've enjoyed being pregnant most of the time this week.

Weight Gain:
Do I go there? Ekk, okay. I've avoided writing about my weight gain since I was probably three/four months pregnant because I put way too much on. I have put more on then I hoped, I think I hoped for about 10 kilo's and I've put on 14-15 kilo's depending on the day. I'm pretty happy with that though. So I'm actually at the same weight I was at 32 weeks, so no weight gain for the last 6 weeks but I figure I put so much on mid pregnancy to make up for it ;).

As my pregnancy ALMOST (hopefully!!) at an end I've been dying to mimic one of my friend's blog posts. Check it out here Young Mum's Guide To Survival - The A-Z of my first pregnancy.

Here's my A-Z of my first pregnancy:

A is for Achne! Oh lord, mid pregnancy I seemed to get alot on my back!
B is for Bones! My bones have been SOO achy at the end of this pregnancy.
C is for Cervix! My cervix has bled alot during this pregnancy.
D is for 'Do's & Dont's'! Everyone tells you what you can and can't do!
E is for Eat! I had terrible morning sickness at the start so I would eat alot.
F is for Friday's! Working while pregnant, I could not wait for Fridays!
G is for Ginormous! Enough said. I am huge!
H is for Husband! I don't think I've ever been so in love with him!
I is for Indigestion! I have had terrible indigestion at the end.
J is for Jydan! The name we have picked for our son!
K is for Kick! My favourite moments are seeing the kicks on the scans.
L is for Life! Can you believe I'm actually making a life?? Seriously?!
M is for Marks! I have got so many stretch marks!
N is for Nesting! I never realised how disgustingly dirty my house is!
O is for Obstetrician! I've seen one for about 10 minutes this whole time!
P is for Pressure! My blood pressure has been a concerning this pregnancy.
Q is for Quickening! The first movements felt, I was around 13 weeks!
R is for Relaxin! The terrible hormone causing my pelvic pain.
S is for Sleep! I cannot sleep at all!
T is for Trimester! Passing the first trimester was amazing!
U is for Ultrasound! At 6, 10, 11, 20, 21, 29 & 36 weeks!
V is for Vulnerable! Be careful, hormonal woman on the loose!
W is for Waddle! I've only just started to waddle in the last few weeks.
X is for Xander! Xander is the name Tim wanted to call our little boy.
Y is for Yawn! I am ALWAYS yawning (I even yawned writing this!!)
Z is for Zoo! I've loved preparing our zoo (safari) themed nursery!

Symptoms This Week:
-Breast Pain
-Heart Burn
-Baby Brain
-Lower Back Pain

Labour Signs:
-1.5 Centimeters dilated (1/2 a centimeter this week!).
-Lower Back Pain.

Thursday night/Friday morning I experienced another 'false labour'. These contractions lasted from about 8:00pm the Thursday night till 3:00am the Friday morning.
At the start they started of mild, just like a stitch. I didn't time them because they weren't really painful yet. By 11:00pm they had got worse so I thought that I should try and sleep them off before they get too bad. But then came my first painful, painful contraction. So I went to bed, but definitely couldn't sleep.
The contractions were about four-five minutes apart at this stage. Even in my false labours my contractions come quite frequent so I wasn't fussed with them being so close together. At about 12:00am I yelled out to Tim, who was still awake in the lounge, to come rub my back and hold me. He held and rubbed me and was so patient with me for another hour (see, i'm just training him for the real labour ;) ). These contractions between this time were the most painful one's I have felt yet. Tim then put the hospital bags in the car and waited for me to give him the 'okay' to call the hospital. I timed my contractions and they were now lasting about a minute and about two minutes between. To everyone else, contractions this close would be a big warning sign, but my false contractions come hard and fast. I was though, beginning to not cope with the pain. I said that we will go to the hospital in about an hour, that was around 1:30am... but, by the time 2:00am hit, they started dying down, becoming less painful and spreading out. I think my last one was near 3:00am and that was it. So here I am again, still pregnant and no baby. Everything had stopped AGAIN! :(.
I still get 3-4 a day, mostly in a row 10 or so minutes apart and then they stop. I'm beginning to think I'll never know what true labour is because of my contractions!

Midwives Appointment:
Tim was able to attend this appointment again, which was good :).
The midwife we got was the one that dealt with my contractions at the hospital last week so it was good that she knew what was going on with my early labour. Even though I find her rude.
Bubby was measuring a week and half ahead, which is still in the normal range but because last appointment he was measuring a week behind, it means that there was a 6 & half week size difference in just 4 weeks. They discussed about sending me for a scan because of the huge difference but they chose not to in the end.
The midwife also said that she thought she could feel more of his spine too, so his trying to turn out of the posterior position, hopefully!
His heart beat was between 130-150bpm (the average fetal bpm around this gestation is 120-160bpm)  so perfect, he gets complimented on how great his heartbeat is and how happy and healthy he is all the time, I love it! It makes me so proud.
My blood pressure was okayish, at 132/84, it seems to be climbing up again.. ho hum... so we will just see! But it is 'fine' for now.

Progressive Shoot:
We did another progress picture on the weekend, my last of these photos during the pregnancy, we have one more to go in 6 weeks time with baby! Check out the different seasons during my pregnancy too, it's been such lovely weather lately making some gorgeous sunny photos!

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