Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Jydan - 3 Weeks

Three Weeks Young:

Simply put, time goes too quick! It still feel like yesterday I went through the big birth ordeal, but in fact it was now THREE WEEKS AGO! Jydan is such a wiggle worm at the moment, he is always moving about and trying to look around when he is awake, it was hard to capture his 3 week photos. For some reason he thinks it's okay to start thinking about rolling already (He's not rolling, just 'thinking' about it as you can see in a couple of these photos)! Does he not realise he has to stay a newborn forever?!
Jydan has around about the same routine he has had for a couple of weeks now, I think he's a bit like his mummy in that way and likes routine. Give or take half hour, he still follow these times; 7:30pm he wakes up for change & feed but now he has some awake time & feeds again about 10.00, another change & then to bed for the night. Hubby and I then spend some quality time together at night. Jydan will sleep all the way to 3.30am, 6:30am, 11:30am, and then 3:30pm and then it repeats. (It is currently 3:40pm and I can hear him waking up!) He is such a good bub! I can't believe he only wakes up once during the night too! When he first started sleeping 5-6 hours during the night I wasn't sure what to do, especially because the first week we were on 3 hourly feeds because of his jaundice, so I would literally stand over his bassinet, twiddling my thumbs wondering if I should wake him or not. We decided that during the night we will let him sleep in peace but during the day I will make sure his fluids are up.

Everyday Jydan is changing, he looks more and more beautiful and perfect everyday and growing SO quickly. Even though he was born at 8pound 5oz, he was in 00000(5/tiny newborn) jumpsuit for the first week. It was a sad moment folding them up and putting them away already! He wore his first 0000(4/newborn) outfit when he was 7 days new but the 0000(4/newborn) pants were still way too big so he was in 0000 tops, body suits and jumpsuits and 00000 bottoms. His now in all 0000 and pushing 000 (3/ 0-3 months) tops & body suits! I haven't put him in any 000's yet, and would love it if we could hold off till he was four weeks, but the rate he's growing, I'm not sure there is much help. He is pretty tall but his length is in his torso, not his legs. I have started having to use a pillow when feeding him because he's getting really heavy he sometimes gives me pins & needles in my legs!!

Jydan swimming in a 0000 suit at four days.
I had to roll up the sleeves.
Jydan wearing the same 0000 suit at  two weeks & 6 days.
Getting a bit short on his arms!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
We've discovered that Jydan gets over-stimulated very easily especially if he is disturbed in his sleep. He becomes over-stimulated, then over-tired and then mummy gets no sleep! So we have to be really strict now when he's sleeping and he gets shut in the bedroom with no visitors.
He also hates having his arms wrapped up. I have to wrap him when he's fast asleep. If I wrap him before he is asleep he will spend ages trying to escape and become more awake! So getting him to self settle is a bit hard.
He still loves music and it's such a god send when he can't sleep... he even goes to sleep with the sound of the vacuum! He loves being spoken to and lots of cuddles.

We are now using cloth part-time! After trying them on and off for a couple of weeks now, his legs are finally fat enough to fit in the cloth nappies properly. He still wears a disposable when he has his long 5/6 hour sleep at night and when we go out. We actually did take him out with a cloth on today and it was fine :). P.S Yeeyy for not being able to do the laundry yet after the c-section :P (Thanks hubby!)
Breast Feeding:
This week has been fairly hard with breastfeeding because I have had big hard lumps in my breast tissue that I have to massage out during feeds. We think it's more blocked ducks then mastitis but the doctor did say I need to keep a close eye on it. Apart from that, and being used as a human dummy at times, I'm pretty proud that we're still going. It's hard work!

I want to give a huge shout out and congratulations to Jay at Young Mum's Guide To Survival on the pregnancy of her second bub! Jay was great support while I was pregnant with Jydan and I can't wait to follow her pregnancy.


Les said...

First of all, I love Jydan's name. Also, Jydan is so adorable... The hubby and I are wanting to start a family pretty soon, and we're super excited. :)

I'd love for you to stop by and say hi!

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

Camille said...

Aww, he is getting chubby already! He is just adorable.

I have those breast lumps too right now, I find they go away if I massage them in a very hot shower.