Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Jydan - 4 Weeks

Four Weeks Young:

I'm actually posting this when Jydan is 4 & 1/2 weeks. It has been a fairly hectic week and then followed by our first family vacation (which I will include in Jydan's 5 week post). So now I quickly type and polish this post with just three minutes to go until Jydan is due to wake! I can't believe Jydan is four weeks young! Time has gone so quick, I think I write that on every post and it still surprises me every week. My newborn is becoming a baby now!

Jydan's Milestone's:
My last post I mentioned that Jydan was 'thinking' about rolling, well, at 3 weeks and 1 day, while chucking a baby tantrum Jydan decided that he would roll from tummy to back!! Thinking it was a fluke, I didn't announce it but he has since done it five times in total! Here's the video as proof ;).
Jydan has also started smiling! His first smile was at 3 weeks and 4 days old! Those smiles just melt my heart.

A few days this week Jydan hasn't followed his routine at all. He has actually had a few terrible days where he would not go to sleep at all, and then he's had amazing nights where he would sleep for six hours during the night. No matter what routine he follows though, he is an amazing little boy!! His new routine is though, 2-3 sleep/feed cycle's during the day, a 5-6 hour sleep during the night. I'm really happy with that! I'm actually really happy that I have a routine little boy. I like routine ;).

Jydan is now wearing mostly 000 (0-3 months) now. I really wanted him to wait till he was a month to wear 000's (0-3months) so his first 000 jumpsuit was worn the night he turned four weeks. He really needed to go in them a few days before but I had to wait!! So I've gone through his 0000 draw & taken out all his body suits, wonder suits, gro suits, & long sleeve tops. He still has 0000 shorts, tshirts & pants to wear. He has little legs! Sooo many clothes he didn't wear!!

My first hold of Jydan at an hour old, and Jydan
at four weeks old. He has changed so much!
(Jydan's also wearing his first 000 jumpsuit in
the bottom photo) 
Jydan has started getting really bad dry skin, it was recommended to me to use breast milk on his dry patches. So quickly before a feed I rub in a bit of breast milk to his dry patch's, which is especially around his right eyebrow. It has worked brilliantly. I highly recommend trying this! It's just his scalp which is extremely dry still. I have tried everything, and I'm trying new products every bath.
We had Jydan's clinic appointment also, he now weighs in at 10 POUND 7 OZ!! I think I have steroids in my milk! His also now 53 cm, so his grown a cm and his head is 57.5... It was 54.5! Such a big bub. My little lamb chop ( he makes lamb noises in his sleep!!).

Clinic Appointment:
We had Jydan's four week checkup, I was sure she wouldn't believe us that he was rolling from tummy to back but she could see how strong he was and did! My mum, Tim and I guessed about how much he weighs now before the appointment... Mum and I guessed 9 pounds 5 ounces and Tim guessed 10 pounds. We were completely shocked that he was even MORE and now weighs 10 pound 7 ounces!
During his check's she said that he is still a little jaundice, I thought it had cleared up by now.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan loves cuddles, he isn't really a baby that you can sit down and do things with - I've attempted rocking him in the bouncer with my foot and fold washing with my arms, this lasted for about 5 minutes until he wanted to be picked up. I don't mind, there will become a time when he doesn't want cuddles anymore. When he is having playtime he loves to be on his back. His favourite time is definitely bath time.
Jydan doesn't like being put in the capsule, he is fine when we get moving in the car but the capsule is probably the biggest thing he cries about, he also doesn't stay sleeping in it when he fall's asleep in the car so I think he finds it uncomfortable. 

Jydan is in MCN's 90% of the time now, he uses a disposable during his long sleep at night and whenever else we think he may leek through. I'm really happy they now work with him, I was sure they wouldn't at one point!
Breast Feeding:

I am getting more and more confident with breastfeeding now and have done quite a few public feeds with this nursing nook. It's like a 'cape' and hides away my breast. This is me feeding in a cafe while having lunch! Jydan's going really well with his feeding and I'm quite proud that we have now mastered a month!
My lumps are getting better, not completely gone and I still have to massage some but it's definitely not as painful as it was.


Jydan's gorgeous santa photo for 2012!!

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Camille said...

Already rolling over, wow! What an active little boy. His smile is so adorable.

I say enjoy his clinginess while you can. My daughter was just like that and she grew into such an independent toddler. The last time I got any cuddles from her, it was because she was sick. I did attachment parenting with her and they say that spoils a child but she proved that wrong for sure!