Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Jydan - 10 Weeks.

Ten Weeks Young:
'Curiosity got the cat' is the best way to describe this week. He wants to look around and learn everything. He is taking the whole world in learning about everything. He stares and if he likes it he will smile and giggle if he is still unsure he will continue to stare, check it out and try and work it all it. It's way too cute! It's so easy to make him smile these days, he loves interaction, and as soon as you talk to him he is bound to talk back! In fact he is a chatterbox :). We spend our days smiling and talking and playing with each other - how fun!!
My biggest help this week has been my baby sling, it's been a saviour! I can put Jydan to sleep and do the washing at the same time!

Jydan's reflux is pretty well in check now. We've still had screaming days where his tummy is in a bit of pain and his tummy has been gurgling again so I've upped his medication to 0.06 mls. He was having 0.05 before and it goes by his weight (0.05 for 5 kilo's, 0.06 or 6 kilo's). Although he isn't 6 kilo's yet his not far off at all, probably 5.8 kilo's and he spits that little bit out after too. It seems to be helping too, I think he really needed to go up!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan's making all sort's of different coo's now, some of them you can really hear his voice. Not just a squeal or a vowel sound - some of them you can hear this most adorable little voice. Every day I fall more and more in love with him and everything he does!
Jydan's balance is unbelievable, I can sit him down on the couch and he will stay sitting for a few minutes! When he gets tired he doesn't just flop to the side all of a sudden, he slowly moves his head to lay down.

Jydan is in bed at 8:30 now, woohoo! He puts himself to sleep, it takes a while but he's usually asleep around 9 now which is when I can go to bed without waking him up! I can go to bed when he does but he plays with his hand until he goes to sleep which keeps me awake anyway!
I'm still waiting for him to sleep a bit better through the night, I'm lucky if he sleeps more then three hours, I'm sure we will get there one day - hopefully one day soon ;).

Tim measured Jydan's head this week, it's a bit hard to measure because he is a little wiggle worm. He did it three times and got three different measurements so I guess I'll just have to wait for the midwives appointment next month to check again. Jydan's also sporting 00 (3 - 6 months) suits now, eekkk, growing so quick! Here is his night in a 00 suit!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan's loving sitting and talking and interacting. He loves anything you say to him. If you tell him really cutely that the sky is falling he will think its the most funniest thing. I've been using his love of the bright colours on the TV to my advantage, I pop him in the bouncer in front of the TV while I vacuum or something and he has a ball. I'll only do it once a day, but he's loving the colours and sounds!
I haven't found much he dislikes this week, except waiting too long for food... oh and going to sleep, he really doesn't like his sleep!

First Beach Trip:
Jydan had his first beach trip this week with myself, his Nanny, his Aunty Rachelle, Uncle Jyle & Uncle Jordan. He loved it! He was pretty unsettled that day, the car trip through his sleep out a bit but as soon as he put his tootsies in the water he stopped crying! He really enjoyed the new experience.

Feeding is going fantastically at the moment, I am very confident with it, and confident we can continue for a while. I would love to feed him until he is one, hopefully he feels the same ;).

Naming Ceremony:

Jydan's naming ceremony is booked for March the 16th so I'm in the midst of organising it all, thank goodness Jydan's more settled these days so it gives me more time to get everything organised. Here are the invites I sent and am in the middle of sending. Here's some pictures of the suit he will be wearing!!

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Camille said...

He looks so adorable in his little suit! I'm glad his reflux is doing better. I hope the midwife appointment goes well!!