Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Weeks

Five Weeks Young:

My helping hand this last week,
the ergo baby carrier.

Wow, here I go again, another week gone, another week to boast about my wonderful son (I'm sure my facebook friend's are sick of me by now!!). This week has been a really hard week,  I'm actually writing this post TWO WEEKS late (He is really 7 weeks tomorrow :( )...but I can still look at my son and think he is the most wonderful little person I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, look at him! My absolute favourite thing is the gummy smiles and gummy yarns, it reminds me of how little he really is even though he is growing up so quick!

First Family Vacation:
This week we visited family two and half hours away and stayed away. It was our first family vacation! Jydan met many family members at a family BBQ including Tim's nan who is becoming old and fragile so it was so nice that she got to meet her great grandson. Here are some photo's of Jydan's first adventure:

Jydan fast asleep in the bassinet at his
poppy's house.
Jydan chilling with daddy at our first family

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan is still rolling and smiling (not smiling often though). We got his first little giggles at 4 weeks and 3 days while I was cleaning his belly button. He was caking himself!  He is making alot more eye contact now especially when he is feeding. He seems to be interacting more and snuggling more. Even puts his hand on my breast when I'm feeding him like as if he is cuddling me at the same time! He is rolling his tongue around more and poking it out, possibly trying to start making those 'ahh' and vowel sounds they begin to around this age.
Everyday Jydan is getting stronger and stronger we very rarely have to support his head now, more when he is sleepy. He has discovered pulling my hair, I often find some strands in his fists, hehe.

This week has been a hard week, we went for our first family vacation which put him out of his routine, then he got sick and then was having a breastfeeding growth spurt as well as Tim returning to work. Boy, are those growth spurts exhausting, he was feeding every hour for sometimes an hour! One day he fed for six hours! He hardly slept allll week. He just wont fall into a deep sleep, and by the time he does he is hungry again!

I don't know if I mentioned it early on, but from about a week old Jydan's eye's changed to brown. They changed so quickly, I was shocked. I was sure babies eyes stay blue for a while. I absolutely love brown eyes, Tim has the most gorgeous brown eyes. I mentioned a couple of times when I was blogging about my pregnancy that his eye colour is one of the biggest surprises I was looking forward to seeing.

Jydan has gone up a size in disposables, which he still wears at night time. He is now out of newborns and in size one's. His butt is getting big! I've ordered a few medium modern cloth nappies for when he is ready for them and will order more and more as time goes on.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:

 I've discovered that Jydan LOVES his play mat with the toy arch over him. I wonder if he will get bored of it but he plays with it so contently.
So Jydan has been feeding every hour (including at night), but only for 5 minutes at a time. These crazy cluster feeding growth spurts, thank goodness there isn't another one due 'till three months. I'm amazingly thankful that he is growing wonderfully and nature's way of making more food for him but it is exhausting work, so I bought a breast pump to stimulate more milk as well. So after every feed I pump as well. I've also found that if I give him expressed milk and he has his five minute's from me (no matter what, he still wants his usual five minutes from me) it fills him up for a little longer. It makes me sad when I give him a bottle and I really hope he doesn't prefer it over me but considering he still always wants me afterwards, I think I'm safe! Sometimes also, when I give him the bottle he will still search for me, he will turn his head side-to-side and not take to it at all.
I did try him on a formula feed this week too, because not only is he feeding every hour but now my breast's aren't engorged with milk anymore my nipple's have gone back to how they were pre-pregnancy - inverted. So he had alot of trouble attaching. I tried everything, nipple shield, freezing my nipples, leaving them out before a feed, squeezing them... nothing seemed to work. So I tried him on formula, the S26 newborn formula. It was a bad day when I tried the formula, all I wanted to do was have something to eat, I was starving and he wasn't eating and had been screaming all day. Why did I bother?! He got a massive belly ache from it, vomited and pooped for the next couple of hours straight... safe to say I still didn't get to eat. The poor thing had a bad reaction to it. The pumping has really helped with my nipples though, I haven't had any trouble with them since I started expressing!  


Camille said...

He is getting so big!! And he is super adorable, as always. :)

I feel your pain with the breastfeeding problems. I ended up expressing milk for my first and boy that is hard and time consuming. (We had a lot of problems due to a bad thrush infection.) Formula made her scream and cry for hours on end so I was stuck there. Have you tried seeing a lactation consultant or going to an LLL meeting? Sometimes they have tips on how to deal with things like inverted nipples, like using a nipple shield. (I have heard from friends anyway.) Good luck, I'm sure things will work out!

Jayme Holmes said...

I am so proud of you, you are a brilliant mummy and handling it all so well.

The breastfeeding I am sure will get easier and the first 6 weeks are normally the hardest.

Toby also had the same kind of reaction to the s26 but he now is on the bellamys organic but he has really cut back on bottles and is drinking more water and eating more food.

Make sure you cherish every moment even the frustrating ones, as the first year flies by.

Keep it up doll,
I love reading about your adventures.

Jay xo