Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Jydan - 6 Weeks

Six Weeks Young:
6 weeks of life, 6 weeks I've been blessed with such a beautiful little person. I can't imagine life without him already. But this week times has definitely been hard, the hardest week yet, Jydan has been extremely unsettled.. Ive become the mother who is obsessed with every second of sleep, why? Because some nights I'm only getting 3 hours of broken sleep.. 30 mins here & there. The rest of the night Jydan is crying or throwing up. Through the day Jydan is crying. And screams. And crys. This is also the week we gave into the dummy! I never wanted to use the dummy but he will scream until he sweats which really scares me in this hot weather, so the dummy calms him down and gives him some comfort which is a much better alternative. The moment's I have adored this week is when Jydan finally goes to sleep when I've had to snuggle with him, and he puts his arm around me. It melts me heart.
I'm going to get him checked out for reflux at his 6 week appointment. I've looked at reflux symptom's and he seems to have them all; choking, coughing, screaming, crying, rolling his eyes back, vomiting, arching his back alot, hiccup's all the time, irritable & unsettled baby, looks uncomfortable ect ect. We will see, but hopefully there is a way to settle my gorgeous boy.

Our first chirstmas together, what a memory! I could hardly sleep the night before, I was so excited for our first chirtmas as a family. Luckily because I had presents to still make and wrap and milk to express! We woke up at 7am and Jydan had a feed and change, and then we excitedly opened presents. This was my favourite time of the day, we made a pretty big deal of it and took loads of pictures. Jydan then went back to bed while we got ready to go. We finished of making the Pavlova's, and got organised. We left at 10am to start our christmas day and didn't get home till about 10pm! We dropped a pavlova off at my dad's, then presents & lunch at my mum's and back to my dad's for christmas dinner! Jydan had a pretty unsettled day on chirstmas day and kept us pretty busy and I realised the next day that we didn't get too many photo's. I tried to upload them to this blog post but for some reason I can only upload photo's from my phone.

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan started rolling from his tummy to back at 3 weeks and 1 day (you can see the video again HERE ), and he is now rolling from his back to side. He just has to put it all together now for a full roll! He is unbelievably clever. He has started making little sounds like 'gah' and starting to squill. He is moving his tongue around in his mouth alot and doing different facial expressions like he is learning to make different sounds. I can't wait!!

Jydan's routine is still out the window except for night time. Jydan was starting to go to bed between 12:30-1:30 every night/morning. He was making a real habit of it so I nipped it into the butt and started a night time routine. We start around 7:30pm. He an expressed bottle (because he seems to want more milk then I have for him with his night feed), bath, massage, some more milk from me,  we sing some songs and then he goes to sleep. He responded to this routine really well and 90 % of the time now, he is in bed by 9:30pm!!

Jydan's really getting his own looks now and not looking so 'newborn' anymore. At the beginning I got SO many comment's on how much Jydan looks like Tim but lately I've got a couple of 'he looks like you'. If people feel bad that he looks so much like Tim or what so it's nice to hear ;)
Jydan gets his weight checked in a few days again too!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
I've started walking with Jydan in the pram. As much as I'm loving going on walks, Jydan's not liking the pram! He will go to sleep in it though but if he is overtired, in a grumpy mood ect he will screeeaaammm!! Millie (our dog) seems to not like the pram either when she come's on walks with us.
Jydan also has a favourite toy now! It is one we got him for christmas, a little baby radio. We got it because he loves music and it play's different songs and sounds. He was so intrigued by it.
Jydan still love's his bath's, which is great now we are bathing him every night. He has only cried twice!

Daddy's first time feeding Jydan.
Now I've stimulated more milk by pumping all the time, Jydan is back on the breast for every feed and only needs an expressed bottle as well with his feed before bed.  I am SO glad. I express a bottle when we go out too though because although he is much better on the breast he is still unpredictable. Some feeds he will be so fussy like as if he isn't getting any milk again, he will eventually feed but it's a bit hard to deal with it in public. I guess it will take a while for him to get back into the swing of things!

Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos? I cant from my computer, only from my phone! I would love to share the christmas photo's, maternity shoot and newborn shoot!!


Jayme Holmes said...

My computer has been fine but I still have a birthday post and another ultrasound post.

He is getting so big. I love reading about your journey! I bet you are absolutely buggered but I love reading this because you are so optimistic!
It gets easier week by week and as EVERYONE says sleep when you can!
(easier said than done)

Love you girlie xo

Harley Cocks said...

Thank you beautiful, you're always so encouraging!

I cant wait for you ultrasound post!

Love u too poss x