Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Jydan - 7 Weeks.

Seven Weeks Young:

What a wonderful week it's been! Like I suspected Jydan has reflux and is now on Zantac. I was told that it would take a few weeks to kick in but the first dose made a huge difference. The first day he was on it he slept for more then an hour. Come the next few days he was smiling alot more, interacting alot, playing, sleeping more, crying less and cooing so much. It has made the world of difference. He has his odd times but majority of the time now he is happy! 
I am loving this time with him at the moment. The playing, smiling and talking. We spend so much time just talking to each other. The moment when he looks at me and just smiles makes my day. Not only makes my day, makes my life! This is such a fun time and I'm really cherishing it at the moment.

Doctor's Appointment:
Jydan and I had our 6 week checkup, except they had run out of Jydans 6 week injection so he has to wait till he is 8 weeks.
All my check-up involved was them checking my cection scar, which looks good. Jydan's check-up included his weight, to check on some swelling he was born with, his hernia, his eating ect ect. Not only did she say Jydan has reflux but she also thinks Jydan is lactose intolerant. So I've cut that out of my diet while I'm feeding, it's too early to tell at the moment.
We are down to about 3-4 changes of clothes during the day from vomit and about two changes of clothes during the night. PROGRESS! He is still choking quite a bit. We have tried propping his bassinet up when his asleep to help with the vomit or choking but he wont sleep with it propped up for some reason! I also found that it could help him roll!! I checked on him one time and he had rolled onto his side! So when he is really bad he will sleep with me so I can get to his choking quick enough. He still has some bad days but the medication he is now on for his reflux Zantac, really helps!! The doctor said he will be on it till he is around one and then they will review!
New Years:
New years was spent at my house with my mum. Jydan decided to see the new year in and wake up at 11:30PM, which was quiet unusual for him, but I'm kinda glad! I spent the new year with my beautiful little one!! He also decided that one standard glass of wine was enough for mum before he wanted a feed. I had an expressed bottle for that feed but decided with his recent feeding troubles, his next feed would be from me.

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan's cooing and smiling HEAPS now. It's really fun at the moment, we will talk with each other and play with each other all day. Until I wear him out so much that sleeps! That hardest thing is putting him to sleep while he is so happy.. mummy just wants to play!
Jydan's really responding to us now and when we walk away he will follow us with his head.. it's pretty cute. Makes me feel loved :).
I've also found that Jydan can last longer and longer on tummy time each time he does it. He is getting stronger and stronger.

Jydan's still in his night time routine but I'm not having to offer him an expressed bottle of milk every night, most night's now he just needs me :). So he is still in bed about 9:30! Other then that his routine is still all over the place, but it is getting better each day.

Jydan's now weighing in at 5.4kilo's (11 pounds 9 ounces). Growing like a mushroom! He is such a big boy, growing so quickly... I love it!
Jydan has the most beautiful long eyelashes. I'm so jealous... where's my long eyelashes! They are so gorgeous, and curl perfectly.. like I said, I'm jealous ;).

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan still loves music, it's such a life saver, especially when we are getting into the pram or car...bubby is so impatient, haha! If we don't move within .5 seconds, you will know about it! So funny, he gives this uncomfortable look to begin with (the c'mon mum look) and then 1..2..3..he starts crying. I really can't put him in the pram while I get organised. It has to be a last minute thing. Too cute!
Jydan ONLY has me now.. I'm so happy. Not that I have anything against bottle feeding at all but I really wanted to breastfeed. I thought if I could do the first few weeks I would be happy, and then when he had the birth he had and I ended up with a c-section, I wanted to feed even more. I think because I didn't get the birth experience I wanted it made me more determined to feed how I really wanted.
My lumps have come back now so I'm still expressing and filling up the freezer.

It's still not letting me upload photos on my computer, any idea why?

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Camille said...

Aww I am so glad the medicine is helping him!! I hope the choking gets better soon too.

My daughter and I are allergic to dairy too, not sure about my youngest yet. It's annoying but once you get used to it, there are plenty of dairy substitutes that taste great so you don't even miss it.