Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Jydan - 8 Weeks.

Eight Weeks Young:
Another fantastic week! I've had a lot of 'me' time this week because Jydan has been so well-behaved! He is sleeping brilliantly. He is still needing re-settling lots but every day is an improvement. I've even been able to catch up on my blog posts.. I'm slowly getting there again! I think I am really getting to know Jydan now, how he reacts and what he likes, how he likes to settle, his favourite song's ect ect so it's made it's made thing's alot easier! Every day I find a new 'trick' that helps us :).
I feel like we've FINALLY settled. We have bad day's and nights but now that I get soo many smiles, it makes it soo much more worth it!

6 Week Immunisations:
In my last post I mentioned that the doctor surgery has run out of his 6 week injections. Well, we re-booked for yesterday... two weeks late. Well they called again to say that they had still run out and he would have to wait another two weeks. How stupid? I wasn't having that so he got them done at the council today and I think next time we will go to the health centre.
He was great when we got them done. He cried a little out of shock but definitely not as bad as I thought! He was great with them, I was so proud! Such a good boy. He even let me go clothes shopping after ;).
Around two hours after he had reacted quite bad, he screamed SO bad, and swetted. I had no idea what to do, I was so worried. So I fed him some panadol, striped him off to a nappy, and put him on the breast. He fed for about an hour and then slept for 6 hours!! Afterwards he woke up screaming, I gave him panadol, fed him and he slept for a another few hours.

Jydan's reflux is improving each day. I can really tell the zantac is working! We are getting less spews every day and all round he seems happier. He still has a long way to go. The unsettled days just break my heart but the days he is happy and cheerful are the most amazing days!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan's allready decided that everything belongs in his mouth, and when he is on his play mat he will scoot himself to the side, where a toy dangles and he will lick at it! haha. You would think I never feed him!
Lately, Jydan was feeding every four hours during the day but every 1 & 1/2 to two through the night. I was at my wits end, with no sleep so I decided to feed Jydan every three hours during the day to try and spread his feeds out during the night, now, Jydan's sleeping so well. His routine now is three 2 hour naps a day, and at night he will have a four hour sleep, then two hours, then another two hours.
During the day we have a sleep, feed, change the nappy, play routine, He is awake for about an hour and fifteen minutes each time. BUT it takes him agggeess to get to sleep. I feel like all I'm doing is patting & rocking him in my arms. and then when he finally does get to sleep, he sleeps for 30-40 minutes and then wakes. It takes me another 30 minutes to re-settle him and off we go again. Sleep is a bit of a disaster, he is the biggest sleep fighter!

Jydan is now wearing 00 singlet's. Can you believe it? 000 Well just the bonds and target brand as they seem to be smaller and all his other 000 singlets he can still wear. It won't be long till he is in all 00's :(.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
To begin with Jydan didn't really like his bouncer, but now he's beginning to like it more and more. Which is great because I can put him in it while I have a shower. I have a swing on layby now, so I hope he likes that too!
He loves his cheek's being tickled. It always makes him smile... unless he's hungry and he will try and eat your fingers, lol.
Jydan's noticing the TV now. He doesn't watch it here because when I hold him I face him towards me, but I noticed that he was watching it at my mum's house. He was really intrigued by it, so cute! I might have to look at getting some baby development DVD's with colours and shapes.

Breast Feeding:
Jydan's feeding great now, I couldn't be happier. He spreads his feeds out between 2-4 hours. During the day if he hasn't fed by 3 hours I will feed him to make him last through the night a bit longer. He has started cluster feeding with his night time feed again, I hope I'm making enough milk for him and don't have to give him an expressed bottle again, it's so easy when it's just me.
I've found that pressing on the lumps in my breasts relieve them and it also releases alot of milk. When I press I can hear him gulping. So I think milk would get stuck, causing the lumps. I've been doing this every feed now and I haven't had any lumps since!! :).
I have ordered some medium Itti Biit nappies now because the small's are getting very small! Thankfully Itti Bitti had a sale on just in time! He still wears a disposable at night.. I guess I'm hopefully he will sleep for a while. But when he only sleep's for 3-4 hours, I change him back to cloth when he wake's.


Camille said...

He is getting so big and oh my gosh he is adorable!!!!

My daughter is the same way with vaccines. Now I space them out and do only one per day and it's a little better. Maybe you could ask your pediatrician if they have a vaccine schedule that's delayed or more spaced out.

I will have to try pressing on my lumps while nursing, maybe that will help them! I still have them and they hurt!!

RACHEL TaoOfPoop said...

He is really beautiful. Good luck with the reflux. That's great that it is improving. I think it sounds like it would be so hard for mom and for baby.