Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Jydan - 9 Weeks

Nine Weeks Young:
This week I've realised how smart my little darling is. I've spent alot of time just admiring how much he knows and has learnt in only 9 weeks. How much he has grown and learnt. I also can't believe that my little one is NINE WEEKS. For some reason I expected him to stay so little forever and find myself so shocked when he grows or learns something new. Each day he is learning. Each day my husband comes home from work and say how much he's changed in just one day!

Finally Some Christmas Photos:
Yeeyy... they finally let me upload the Christmas photo's!! Better late then never ;).
Clinic Appointment:
We had Jydan's 8 week appointment which we learnt that he isn't putting on the weight as much as we had hoped. He has put on 18 grams in two weeks. The health nurse said it's probably because of his reflux. Also, according to his measurements at 6 weeks, his head circumference is a centimeter smaller. We have another appointment in a few weeks to check his head circumference again. I am really worried, I keep telling myself that they measured it wrong - his head can't possibly be shrinking. But, unfortunately, even if it wasn't shrinking it's not growing properly. I'll keep everyone posted. Thankfully he is such an intelligent little man I know it's not his brain.
Jydan's reflux has improved SO much. He is vomiting alot less... most days it's just one in the mornings! I am just thrilled to see the progress the medication is making. There are still days where it really plays up, my word doesn't he tell us! There are still days where I am glued to the couch cuddling my baby boy because his tummy hurts so much, but they are fewer and he is much happier baby.

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan's had a big week of learning association. He crys when we put his swaddle on him. He knows it's sleep time. He gets excited when I lay him on my lap. He knows he's about to get fed. He becomes calm or smile's and coos when I wash his eyes, he knows he about to have a bath. He is just one amazing, clever boy!

Weekend Away:
Myself and Jydan stayed at my mum's last weekend for a little weekend away. We spent the weekend relaxing and going for walks by the river, napping together, getting to know each other, playing together and spending time with my mum/ Jydan's nanny!

This week we are teaching Jydan to self settle. The first day was horrible. I couldn't stand his cries. All I wanted to do was pick him up! I decided to teach him to self settle as he would wake up every 30 minutes, every time he would get into a light sleep he would wake himself up. So I had to teach him how to get himself back into a deep sleep. The second day/night was much better.. the third even better.. We are still working on it, but night's he has the picture! He puts himself to sleep at night! It takes him a while and he plays for a while, but he does it :). Day's are still hard, we are still working on them. Little by little.

Jydan is now 58 centimeters according to his 8 week check. He is getting so tall! I don't know where he gets it from since Tim and I are short! My mum's really tall, so if he keeps growing at this rate he must have got his tallness from her. He will over-take me by the time he is 10, haha!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan's finding new things that he likes everyday, and this week he is especially loving interaction. When you talk and smile and engage with him he smiles and talks back. It's just amazing really, makes every moment so fun!

Breast Feeding:
(He's learnt to pinch!!) I haven't had to give Jydan an expressed bottle for weeks now so feeding is going pretty awesome! I think we are FINALLY getting the hang of it! The only thing now is he like to suck on his hands and anything else he can get in his mouth all the time. I use to use this as an indication that he's hungry, but now he does it anyway so I have to learn his hunger signs all over again!

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