Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Jydan - 11 Weeks.

Eleven Weeks Young:

Where does the time go? Oh yeah that's right, playing and talking to my baby all day :D
Everything is going amazingly smooth at the moment, I even have time to keep my house spotless, fancy that! I feel like I've got time to do everything that I can sit and enjoy Jydan sleeping on my lap!
Jydan is such a happy boy now, always smiling, cooing, giggling... even when he's tired, it makes it super hard to put him to sleep. I love having a happy baby and I'm making the most of every moment.

Since upping Jydan's medication that little bit he has been great, the tummy gurgling has basically stopped and I haven't heard him scream for over a week! He still gets the hiccups at least once a day and he still gets sick every now and then but he doesn't seem like he is in pain anyway! Thank goodness!!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan's making all sort's of different coo's now, some of them you can really hear his voice. Not just a squeal or a vowel sound - some of them you can hear this most adorable little voice. He is actually a HUGE chatterbox, you can see how much here....

Every day I fall more and more in love with him and everything he does!
Jydan's balance is unbelievable, I can sit him down on the couch and he will stay sitting for a few minutes! When he gets tired he doesn't just flop to the side all of a sudden, he slowly moves his head to lay down.

Jydan's also discovered his hands... so cute!!

Can you believe it?! Jydan's been sleeping seven hours through the night STRAIGHT! and then he wakes for a feed and then sleeps for another three hours! I feel a bit spoilt after him waking every two-three hours. The first night he did it Tim and I was a bit shocked because it kind of happened all of a sudden, it wasn't a build up or anything. When he did wake, he didn't even cry, he was just playing. Which he usually does - he hardly ever crys when he wakes, but I expected he would after seven hours!
We have moved Jydan's bassinet into his nursery for the day sleeps. He is still in our bedroom at night. I'm definitely not ready to give up my night sleeps. I've put him there during the day because it's a lot darker. The sun beams through our bedroom and I think it confuses him a bit. Darkness means sleep.

Australia Day:
Jydan celebrated his first Australia Day on the 26th of January, he dressed up in a super cute outfit and then we had a family reunion on Tim's side of the family. It was a long day for him and us too, the drive is about two hours each way. We left at 9:30 am and didn't come home till about 11pm!
Jydan met lots of family members and everyone wanted hugs!

Gran Nanny's Visit:

My Nanny, Jydan's Gran Nanny visited Jydan all the way from interstate and met him for the first time. Jydan is her first great gran child so it was even extra special!

I thought I would put Jydan on the scales to see how much he weighs in now! According to my home scales he now weighs six kilo's (13.2 pounds)! Actually a little bit over but they are analog scales so I couldn't exactly tell. Yeeyy, looks like he's putting on weight again.
Jydan lost alot of hair on the top of his head, it was like an old man's hair style, bald on top but the sides and back still have hair, way too cute! Well now his hair is growing back, his gorgeous auburn hair.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan's now in the big bath because he's too big for the little baby bath. He LOVES it. He loves it more then the baby bath. He splashes and kicks around, coos and smiles. It's so cute! The bath support we use for the big bath is great, I highly recommend them. It's called a Splish Splash Baby Bath Support :).

Jydan feeds about every 3 hours now, sometimes every 2 & 1/2. He's a hungry little boy! If he feeds alot during the night he will go about every four hours during the day.
I think he will be ready for solids sooner then a recommended six months, definitely not now, but I think we might try him earlier then six months.

Naming Ceremony:
I think I've got all the decorations for Jydan's naming day now... I've got personalised balloons, personalised napkins, streamers, scatters, tulle, banners and wall decorations. I've also ordered his cake! I still need to send of the remainder of the invites, find a silver and black dress for me, get a silver tie for Tim and order the afternoon tea. For afternoon tea I'm just ordering different sorts of alpasto and mini roll platters :).
Every time Jydan woke during the night I would change his nappy (probably why it would take him so long to get back to sleep). Well, now that he's sleeping through the night I've had to leave him in the same nappy the whole night! I know it's normal for baby's-toddler's to be in the same nappy the whole night but it came as a bit of shock to me, and a little bit of guilt. I'm surprised that he hasn't got a nappy rash from it which has made me feel better :). 

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