Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Jydan - 12 Weeks

Twelve Weeks Young:

Argh, my baby boy is twelve weeks young already?! When I tell people that he's 12 weeks they respond with 'wow, three months'.. NO, he turned 12 weeks on the 6th but won't be three months till the 14th. I think some people forget that sometimes there is more then 4 weeks in some months (I particularly noticed this while I was pregnant). Okay, okay I know it's only minor but it means that he is that little bit older and I want him to stay little forever! hehe.
The 12th week has been full of chats, smiles, feeding, better day sleeping, a mum's group and DRIBBLES!! And what a fun and amazing week its been!!

Jydan's reflux has pretty much gone now, he has the odd spew every now and then.. literally nothing to worry about. He rarely has the hiccups (he was getting them after every feed from the milk coming back up) and I haven't heard his tummy gurgle for ages. He has been so wonderful that we haven't used the dummy in weeks!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan is now rolling 3/4 of the way now, we're still waiting for him to make that full roll, still so early though. We often leave him on the change mat while we wash off a nappy or something but I think we need to stop doing that now he's becoming more mobile!
He's learnt a few other tricks too, when he's doing tummy time he will straighten his arms like he's doing push ups. Strong, strong boy! When he's laying on his back he will lift his head of the ground like he's trying to sit up too... this boy wants to go, go, go! Such a clever boy xx
Have I mentioned what a chatterbox he is? Seriously, watch this video, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8xebbFxYXA )he is so chatty!!

Well... it's time for another growth spurt. So any routine we started to get into went completely out the window. That seven hour sleep he was doing at night? He wakes up every hour for a feed. He was the same with his last growth spurt - feeding every hour. He feeds often usually 2 & 1/2 - 3 hourly, so throw a growth spurt in there too and I might as well leave my boobs out 24/7! haha. Thankfully, unlike the last growth spurt, he is actually sleeping through the day. He has about three, one hour naps, and a big two & a half - three hour nap around midday (oh boy does he wake up starving then!). So if I'm really exhausted I have a chance to sleep, which I do with his 3.30pm sleep :), I'm really grateful for that!

First Trip To Church:

Sleeping through church...
My brothers baptism was on Sunday so it was Jydan's first time at church! He slept through the majority of it but when he was awake he wasn't a happy chappy. New environment and too many people I think. He was also still growth spurting so I was in and out feeding, but I got to see my little brother baptised.

Jydan's been dribbling ALOT. I think he's going to be an early teether. So I've put his amber beads anklet on him now. You can see my blog about the the amber beads while I was pregnant HERE.

On Tuesday we joined a mum's group! It's called MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers). It was great to chat with some other mummies and meet some other babies. Jydan's the youngest baby but there are two around his age, so I think it's going to be a good group for the both of us :).

My word does Jydan's nails grow quickly!! I guess that's a sign that he's healthy? I cut them every second day and they really do need cutting. It's really hard to do too because he's such a wiggle worm. I have to do it when he's just woken and is too tired to wiggle wiggle.. Even then I don't finish a hand before he wants to start pulling my hair or eat his hands!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan loves his monkey toy. I've stated introducing his toys to him and he really responds to his monkey that clips onto the pram or capsule, so we've stated using it on the capsule! He loves it, he smiles and coos at it, it's amazing to watch. His other toys he doesn't respond to as much- I'm sure he will over time.
My hands are so much more fun!!

Like I mentioned, Jydan has been growth spurting so feeding EVERY hour. I was dreading this spurt since his 6 week one because that one was horrible. Not only did he feed every hour, he didn't sleep at all because he was so hungry & cry a lot. My supply couldn't keep up with him because he wouldn't let me eat properly.. This time was MUCH better. Thank goodness. My supply is building up to what he needs with no trouble this time. When he stated this time though it was hard, I defrosted an expressed bottle for him but he wouldn't take it, refused!! Turns out he won't take a bottle anymore at all! He just wants his mumma ;).

Naming Ceremony:

The start of the lolly buffet.
I've started the lolly buffet for the naming day... still so much to do! The stress is starting to kick in a little bit, we still haven't wrote out the ceremony. I hope we get everything done in time!!
I've just ordered some 'customs'. Customs are cloth nappies that you choose the design, I'm so excited for them to arrive! I'm getting Jydan's name embroidered on two and a hungry caterpillar one (I'm obsessed with the very hungry caterpillar!)

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