Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Jydan - 3 Months 1 Week.

Fourteen Weeks Young:
After a stressful week last week, This week has been pretty relaxing! Jydan's been such a calm boy and I'm finding that each week he and I become more and more calm and work as a wonderful team. I guess the more I get to know him, the easier it is. And he's really getting to know me too, studying and staring at me, interacting and smiling more and more :).
This week has been full of walks, extra sleeps, chats, shopping, hot weather, a new sleeping arrangement, MOPS and naming day organising! And just like every other week, it's gone super quick! Can you believe he's 14 weeks already?? He is growing WAY too quick. I never thought time would go this quick when Jydan came along - although I was warned a million times!
After Jydan's weigh-in last week I've upped Jydan's Zantac to 0.6 & 1/2 ml. He only weighed 6.2 kilos but he spits that bit out as well, so it works out to his weight anyway. I would have left it, but he started to throw up a little bit again - defiantly not as bad as he use to, but I wanted to control it before it got bad again.

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan is really trying to be on the move, I caught him one morning trying to get to Millie, our dog. He turned himself around while on tummy time! I sat in the same spot taking these photos, you can see how much he's turned :D. My gorgeous, clever babe!
We haven't got a laugh yet, I'm sure we will soon, I'm so looking forward to it!!

Jydan's started really entertaining himself these days, playing with his hands and kicking up his legs. It's really surprised me.. he already doesn't need me 24/7!

I have been having a bath with Jydan at night. Last week I mentioned that we now sit him in the bath instead of using the bath support, so it's been easier if I jump in with him. He loves it, swimming around with mum! It also gives me more time to do stuff in the mornings where I would have a shower, relaxes me before bed & involves Tim in bath time, if he's home on time. I get Jydan undressed, then jump in the bath, Tim brings Jydan in and Tim & I chat in the bathroom while I wash Jydan. (some nice quality time). I pass Jydan to Tim when he's all washed & he puts him in his PJs and then having some relaxing bath time myself :).
Oh oh oh that reminds me, one day we were all ready for the bath, in the bathroom, ready to go and I had to quickly do something. Tim had already shown Jydan the bath so he knew it was bath time. Well, well, he screamed until we got him in the bath. He thought he wasn't getting his bath, oh dear! All smiles when we put him in, finally.

I've found that the bright sun wakes Jydan up really early in the morning. He wakes around every two hours as it is, so I really don't want to start my days at 6 am either! So after he wakes at 4-5am I put him in his room (sad face) where he has black out curtains and he doesn't start his day till 8am!! :D. I still want him in our room as long as possible though.
Jydan wakes up so happy in the mornings, it's the happiest he is all day, I love it!!

Jydan's sleeping brilliantly through the day now. If he has a sleep under and hour it's actually a bad sleep for him. He sleeps between an hour and 15 minutes - two hours now, each nap. There goes his 30 minute day sleeps - thank goodness.

Naming Ceremony:
I've started to write Jydan's naming day script. It's coming along pretty well and it's making me feel a lot less stressed about getting things done on time! So thankful for Jydan's extra sleeping time, I have time to actually do it :). I'll post the script up after the big day! Under a month to go now!
I'm so excited to officially welcome Jydan to our friends and family.

I haven't had to give Jydan any Panadol this week. A couple of times he has had to bite down on my finger to settle, and he's still dribbling ALOT but his teeth isn't really bothering him this week. Not sure if his tooth has come back into his gums (which can happen) or he's handling the pain better? Argh, time will tell.

I think this weeks photos show just how tall Jydan really is! His weight has also distributed alot now, he doesn't look as chubby as he use to look.
It's been really hot here the last week or so and I have to be really careful because Jydan has usually got a high temp as his normal temp. It's not unusual for Jydan's temperature to be 36.8. I remember in hospital his temperature was 37.2 at one stage and 37 the day we left. So not only is he a warmer baby anyway I have to make sure he is dressed down and the air conditioner is up! He's been wearing alot of summer body suits and singlet suits to bed.

Jydan's wearing more and more 00 (3-6 month) clothes now, especially pants, shorts and overalls, mainly because his nappies are so bulky. T-shirts and tops are still too big.

Looking through old photo's and video's I can't believe how much hair Jydan has lost, he was born with alot of hair and now he's pretty much bald! Look at these photos of when he was a newborn! Aww, brings back so many memories. He is at such a fun stage now but I do miss when he was a newborn.


My Reciepe book!

I'm loving this mums group I've joined! This fortnight we had a cooking demonstration and then made super cute recipe books! Jydan likes it too, he usually is a bit weary of strangers but he is fine there :).

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Ive always said that Jydan loves music. It really settles him. When I don't have music I sing to him, and now he really responds to my singing! He's starting to chatter back while I sing (sing along, hehe)... Hope he has a better singing voice then me ;)

Jydan's not feeding too well this week, he will be starving but just won't latch on, he is so curious to look around and learn what's about.... just as I thought we had this whole feeding thing under control 'sigh'. I'm sure he will grow out of the stage soon enough.
Jydan's started doing this new thing while he's feeding, he puts his hand over my breast and covers his face, it's so cute!!.. Although I worry he is cutting off air to his nose.

We have started using the cloth nappies during the night too. The disposables would leak so easily and never last through the night. I'm finding the cloth hold even more then the disposables! He would leak overnight in a disposy but a cloth will hold alll night.. which is about 12 hours!


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So adorable! Following you back. Looking forward to read more. Nice to meet you :)

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Anne @ The Pink Momma said...

So adorable! Following you back :)

Have a great day!


Anne @ The Pink Momma said...

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Camille said...

Aww, he's getting cuter every week! He looks really strong, like he's almost ready to crawl already.

I figured out that my daughter is only actually 11 pounds so you were right about that. Although with the way she eats, I'm sure she'll be 12 soon. :)