Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Jydan - 3 months

Thirteen Weeks Young:
So, I always thought after Jydans 12 week post, I'll stop doing his weekly posts.. Well, there comes a time when you stop counting weeks yeah? Nah, I'm not ready to give up his weekly posts, so I'm just renaming them by the month :-). I find that it's a great way for me to learn, discover and remember so many treasured things.

All snugly after a sleep.
Jydan was officially 3 months on the 14th and 13 weeks on Wednesday!! Growing up WAY too quick. I feel like my life is on fast forward. A week feels like a day. I cannot believe it!
Jydan's personality is really starting to show now, he is doing all sorts of different things he didn't use to do - like snuggling into us after a sleep while he wakes properly. I love it. He's such a snuggle bum!
This week has been really long, exhausting, emotional but yet such a wonderful week. It's been full of smiles, chats, clinic appointment, doctors, an X-Ray, playing, sleeping, teething and the circus!

Jydan's reflux is going really well, Zantac is working wonderfully, I've forgotten how bad he was without it!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan is getting stronger and stronger. He is trying to sit up so bad!! He actually gets really frustrated when we lay him on his back cause he tries so hard and just can't really get there. He lays there and does crunches, so cute. Such a strong little man.

Now that Jydan sleeps in his room for the day sleeps I have started putting him in his cot. I got sick of moving the bassinet back and forth from our room to his room. He sleeps fine in the cot! No different at all really, I think he's the type of baby that can sleep anywhere. He looks so tiny in his cot though.
Now that Jydan's growth spurt has finished I thought he just might go back to sleeping 7 hours a night... in my dreams (ohh like I even get a chance to dream, lol). He's gone back to waking every 2 - 3 hours. Luckily he still has his 2-3 hour sleep around midday so I can catch a nap. I think it's because he is really hungry, he feeds every 2 hours!!
I love his night time routine. It's not just relaxing for him but for me also. We bath at 7:30pm, massage, feed, cuddles and then his put into bed and in bed about 8:30pm. It's about the only routine he has at all. Because he wakes at different intervals each night it makes it hard to get into a day time routine.

Clinic Appointment:

If you've been following this blog, you know that Jydan has had some head growth issue's. I have wrote separate blogs about it because it's such a big story, so I'll leave it for those blogs. But Jydan also got measured and weighed and told he was doing all the right things :). His next clinic appointment was made for when he's four months old.

So last Friday we had to get an X-Ray of Jydan's skull. Argh, probably the hardest thing I've had to go through since being a mum! They have these foam blocks they put around babies to keep them still... Jydan was too strong for them and just pushed them away so I and a stranger held him down. He really HATED it. . It ended up coming back normal so we need to get more tests done.


He was so hot at the
circus we undone his suit.
Saturday Jydan had his first trip to the circus! It was the Great Mosco Circus and it was amazing. When we got there, Jydan decided it was feed time so while we were lined up, which was a big line, he screamed. It got me worried about how he would be during the circus. Well, at the beginning he was really unsettled... he was starving by the time we actually sat down. After a good feed he then slept through the whole thing! It was great! I had him in the sling and I got to watch the whole show. He even slept through the load motorbikes. He's a pretty good sleeper, I must say.

Well, well.. This little man is teething like I thought. He has a high temperature, dribble galore, grizzly, swollen gums, biting on everything.. Especially when feeding... Won't move around as much. Screaming episodes. Munches on his hands and whatever else can go in his mouth and not himself. I found that people are quick to tell me 'no he can't be teething, he's too young'... so we will see, everybody is different.

During the clinic appointment they did a weight and height check as well. He is now 6.2 kilo's and 61 centimeters! (24 inches and 13.66 pounds). I don't know how he is so tall, his mumma and pappa are short! His weight's averaged out too - he's not such a chubber now and pretty average. He still has major rolls though. He has always had chubber rolls, it makes him look so juicy! So funny when I have to dry them all off after a bath, hehe.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan loves his baths so much and gets so excited that we have to now have to just sit him in the bath (obviously supporting him!!). When we put him on the bath support he kicks and waves and smiles and gets so excited. It's so gorgeous to watch BUT we give him a bath every night as part of his bath time routine to relax him and we found that it was stimulating him even more. When we sit him down he's a lot more calm and relaxed and doesn't wave around. He's then ready for bed.
I tried Jydan with an expressed bottle again, he really refuses to take one! I tried him again because I had expressed milk in the the fridge he had to drink before it went off - it ended up being dumped down the sink. And a dummy, he refuses to take a dummy now too. He hasn't had a dummy for weeks, there's no point even keeping one out for a 'just incase' moment cause he will refuse it. It's good though. I really never wanted to use one.

Jydan feeds every 2-2 & 1/2 hours now. Day and night. If I'm really lucky he will go three hours but that's mainly over night. He's just a hungry little munchkin! He's getting hungrier and hungrier and it makes me think that he will probably be ready for solids at four months. I was hoping to go to six months, but I don't think so.

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