Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jydans Head Growth (12 weeks)

I haven't had insomnia this bad since being pregnant, you would think after an exhausting day today I would be fast asleep but I'm up blogging at 3:30am, eating jelly babies and watching my beautiful boy sleep.
I mentioned in Jydans 9 Week Blog that during his checkup his head circumference was smaller then a previous measurement. They sent us for an extra checkup (yesterday) to see if it was just a miss measurement or if there was something going on.
Well in the last four weeks Jydan's head circumference has grown but only half a centimeter. I've uploaded his growth measurements on a growth chart for you to see. It's a bit blurry but you can see steady growth till 6 weeks, a drop at 8 weeks and minimal growth at 12 weeks. His circumference is now on the 5th percentile.

So after his clinic appointment we were sent to the doctor who wrote out a referral for an x-ray and to see a paediatrician. The doctor felt around his head and explained that she couldn't feel a gap in his fontanelle it felt like it had closed up too prematurely. This isn't suppose to happen till he is two or older. She explained what she thought it was (Craniosynostosis) & that she has only seen one other case of it in her professional career.
After the doctor we went of to the hospital to get Jydans Xray. I got Tim to finish work early and meet us there.

Argh, the xray was horrible. First off, only I could go in but I had to hold my little man down still. I had to hold his arms next to his body and hold him down tight while one radiologist held his head down and one took photos. It was horrid. He screamed and screamed so much that when they took a break to check the photos I would pick him up and he would fall asleep from exhausting himself out.. And then they didn't get the angle right so I would have to do it all over again.
For the second time in his life he was in tears - the first -time was when he had hurt his face during tummy time. So then I was off! His watery red eyes and bright red face isn't how I want to see him again!
We are now waiting for the xray results to see if and how bad it is.

So tonight I cuddled my little man almost the whole night as he slept in my arms, I just couldn't put him in his bed.

What Is Crainiosynostosis?
Craniosynostosis effects one in about two & half thousand babies. It's a birth defect where one or more of the joints (sutures) between bones in the skull close prematurely, before the baby is two, not leaving enough room for the developing brain which can cause the skull to grow in an unnatural shape and in some cases the brain also.

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Anonymous said...

Aww you poor thing :(
I'll be thinking of your little family and hope everything turns out fine. Jydan has such an amazingly loving mummy, so he will be just fine :) xx

(Jess Neal)