Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jydans Head Growth - 13 Weeks

After Jydan's X-Ray on Friday, I don't think I slept much for 48 hours from worry! The weekend went by so slowly that I decided that at 9am Monday I was going to call for the results.

By the time Monday came around I was on the phone at 9:00am asking for his X-Ray results... they hadn't come in yet and asked me to call back in the afternoon. Tick tock, tick tock.. Time went so slow... so 1:00pm I called back... and they still hadn't come in. They asked me to call back tomorrow afternoon. The more time that went past, the more research that I did about what could be going on. I was so frightened and they are making me wait yet another day.

Argh, now this was really testing how strong of a mother I was. I know children go through worse, but when it's your own child, I just felt like his results should of been a priority. Seriously, this was an X-Ray of a 12 week old baby's skull, with a very worried mother behind it... HURRY UP ALREADY!

Tuesday morning I had butterflies like nothing else, I was so eager to find the results and 1pm came around so slow. 1pm on the dot I called the doctors. This time they seemed annoyed that I had called again and said they would follow it up and call ME back. I guess they had on the computer how many times I had called because they said, 'yes, you've called a couple of times'. 2 went by, no call. 3 went by, no call.. I called back at 3:30 (I know, I know).. and it went straight to the answering machine... then again at 4pm. The results had finally come back and the X-Ray came back normal!

Although it came back normal, and I'm relieved it was normal it still doesn't answer why Jydan's head had shrunk and then started developing really slowly so according to the doctor's notes, Jydan has to undergo more tests and see a paediatrician. 'Sigh'... I guess it's time I put my very patient mummy hat on and just wait again. I feel like we're back to square one, no answers. At least an X-Ray is ruled out.

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