Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Jydan - 3 months 3 weeks.

Fifteen Weeks Young:

Three and a half months?? Is he really three and a half months? When people ask how old Jydan is, do I really have to say three and a half months? Where did the time go ? (And surely I say that on every blog post!)
Before Jydan's reflux kicked in I would say that Ive got a really easy baby. He was cruisy, hardly cried, never screamed, slept brilliantly, I thought I was the luckiest mum around! Then the screaming, spewing, crying and sleepless nights came. I really feel like I have my easy baby back. He hardly every cries, just after a bath. He just grizzles when he isn't happy or I haven't picked up on his hunger or tired signs. He chats and smiles ALL the time, such a happy boy and I'm a super lucky mum!

Play date with Jax!
This weeks been full of giggles, naming day organisation, teething, learning new skills, sleeplessness, shopping, wedding anniversary, lots of family time, feeding the ducks, play dates, routine, new experiences and making lots of memories!

Wedding Anniversary:

Dressed up for our Anniversery!

Our first wedding anniversary marks such a special anniversary because Jydan was a honeymoon baby. It's been a year since Jydan was conceived! We spend so much time reminiscing how quickly time goes, and how lucky we are to have Jydan. We visited our wedding venue and introduced Jydan to the people that run the venue, they remembered us and said 'wow, you didn't waste any time' haha!

Trying to roll away while I was
doing his weekly photos!
Jydan's Milestone's:
We've heard a few giggles this week, it was so cute. Although, it scared him so much he has only done it once since!
Jydan is trying to pull himself on the ground when doing tummy time. He will clutch his hands on the blanket and trying and use it to pull himself. I am shocked!
Jydan is grabbing lots, at his toys and clothes. He grabs at toys in his play gym and then gets frustrated because his hands 'stuck, lol. He hasn't quite worked out how to let go ;).
I've also noticed that Jydan is really intrigued by patterns. Even the rain! His little mind is ticking away :)
So happy in the mornings!!
Mr Jydan has decided that he REALLY doesn't like sleep this week. Not the usual 'i'll refuse to sleep for 5 minutes and then fall straight asleep' like he does... he has been refusing to go to sleep at all. One night it was 11pm before he went to sleep, another night 10pm. That would be okaish if he slept all night but because he wakes every 2 hours most nights it makes it really hard, and tiring!
Other night's I've  been super lucky and he will be asleep by 8.30 and then have a big sleep, sleep between 4 & a half and 6 hours before waking up for a feed!
So we've made his bedtime half an hour earlier, we are now putting him to bed at 8. I think by the time he gets to 8.30 he is so over tired that he won't settle properly. So we are doing bath at 7, feed at 7.30 and then bed at 8. So far...
Other then that I've noticed his day naps and routine  are at pretty much the same time every day, give or take half hour :). He wakes at about 8.30 in the morning then naps around 10, this and his 6pm nap is the quickest nap he will have through the day, then back down at around 12 & 3 for an hour and half sleep and then 6 for a short nap again  :).

Naming Ceremony:
Argh, I'm getting there, I will definitely be glad when the day is here. We've only got 2 & 1/2 weeks to go. It freaked me out when I worked that out, now it's time to get cracking (and stop eating the lolly buffet lollies!)

We've had to give Jydan panadol a couple of times this week. No teeth yet, we are still waiting for it to pop through.
Feeding The Ducks:
We had a family BBQ on the weekend and we introduced Jydan to the ducks and fed them some bread. He loved the ducks, he just looked at them, trying to figure out what they are! So cute!


I put Jydan on the scales and it looked like he had lost weight?? I'm not sure what's going on. He has another clinic appointment next week so I'll have to see. Hopefully he has put it on!
Jydan fell asleep after a feed the other day and cuddled into me just like he did with my first hold. I took a photo and couldn't believe how much he's changed since he was born!!
My first hold & 3 & 1/2 months.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan is HATING the car at the moment. As soon as we strap him in the capsule you would think we were hurting him or something. And then, if the car stops at the red light, watch out - and block those ears. The screaming will start. Because he won't take a dummy I often have to sit at the back and get him to bite/suck on my finger and he is usually okay.
Also, because he loves the bath so much, he hates getting out. He can end up screaming while we get him dressed. Poor bubba!

Jydan now brings up his on burps now, we usually don't have to burp him, actually he won't usually burp if we try. He either doesn't have to burp now or he will burp straight after a feed. It makes it all a bit easier, we can have a feed and have some chats and cuddles straight after.
We are getting Jydan use to the high chair now for when he will be on solids. He doesn't like it at the moment so we need to keep trying and he does :S. This was his first time in a high chair while we were out for lunch. He lasted about 5 minutes.


Jydans nappies are piling up now, he has so many now they don't fit into his nappy bin but I'm trying to stock up for winter where they will take longer to dry. Or maybe that's my excuse to keep buying really cute nappies?


lucy at dear beautiful said...

What a great little round up of where your gorgeous boy is at at the moment. I've always been a serial recorder of all things baby, and it a good way to be because they change and grow up so fast.
I popped over to say hi after you commented on my blog, and I'm now your newest follower. X

RACHEL TaoOfPoop said...

He is so big! I know what you mean about that early phase that they go through. When they come out of it and are happy, it feels like the skies have parted! Congrats on making it through. He's adorable.

Camille said...

He's growing up so fast and looks so mature and strong! I know I say this all the time but he is just so adorable!! I love reading his updates. It's so neat to see all the ways he's similar to my little one, but also the differences in their personalities.