Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baby Jydan - 3 months 4 weeks.

Sixteen Weeks Young:

What a big week it's been! This week I've had a million things to do and I've done two million. Luckily, Jydan's been sleeping amazing and allowing me to do everything and run around like a mad hatter. That boy really knows what his mumma needs. Just like on my birthday night he slept seven hours straight! BEST.BIRTHDAY.PRESENT.EVER!
I've really soaked up the cuddles this week. I think because Jydan is completely self-settling now and I've been run off my feet, when it's time for cuddles even my phone gets pushed aside. Baby cuddles are the best thing ever!
So many moments too I've just looked at Jydan and fallen completely in love with him all over again, sometimes to the point I'm in tears. I look at him and think 'how on earth did I make such a beautiful boy!'.. it amazes me everyday. He amazes me.
 This weeks involved my birthday, vomiting, routine, extra sleeping, better nights, moving into the nursery, a rash, my brothers birthday, naming day planning, moving around, clothes shopping, seeing family, becoming clingy, lay-buying,  interaction with Millie, watching the TV, bigger feeds, playing with toys and a new baby swing!

Jydan's Milestone's:
Jydan is meeting all the right milestone's, but still no laughing.
He talks more then any baby I have met, smile's, tries to sit up, rolls, interacts, dribbles, chews... so he is doing everything right :). His latest trick is picking up his (light) toys or teddy's... picking them right up and putting them in his mouth. Everything goes right into his mouth! Tim spotted it first and said "look, look his picking up Duke (his favourite teddy)". We were pretty excited! Such a clever boy.
We are forever working on him saying mum or dad. I encourage him to say dad and Tim encourages him to say mum, no actual words yet but lots of different sounds.

Jydan's reflux has played up a little this week with alot of vomiting so we've upped his medication. I always feel bad when we up it, and I don't like to do it too often. I also put it off as long as possible. His tummy was gurgling, he was beginning to be more unsettled, and vomiting lots, so up it went :(. Oh well. He is now having just under 0.7 ml of Zantac twice a day.

Jydan is sticking to the same routine he had last week, it's great cause we can pick when to have appointments ect. He naps at around 10am, 12pm, 3pm & 6pm and in bed at 8. This is all give or take half hour.
When he does go down for a nap now, I just swaddle him up and put him into his cot and he goes to sleep!
Jydan has been sleeping amazingly over night now, one night we even got 9 hours straight! Considering he use to wake every 2 hours, It's just crazy! Other then that, he does between 5-8 hours straight, feeds and goes back down for more! The reason is, sadly, he has moved out of our bedroom and into his nursery. On my birthday he wouldn't settle till around 10.30pm. I think because his reflux played up. I was exhausted so I put him in his cot in his bedroom with the monitor on. I wake to his every noise and wanted at least a couple of hours sleep. Turns out I got 7 that night! We tried the next night, the same thing. And the next... he hasn't woken every two hours since we moved him out. I am so sad he has moved into his room so early. I wanted at least 5 months with him (longer if we had a bigger bedroom, but a cot wouldn't fit). I think bubba didn't like his dads snoring :S.

Naming Ceremony:
Wow, his naming ceremony is next week!!! I can't believe how fast it's come around. There isn't much left to do, I've even got myself organised! All that's left to do is order the platter, which Tim can take care of since we are doing it through his work and I have to finish the programs I'm feeling on top of things at the moment, but I know it can quickly change!
It's only going to be a small ceremony, about 35 people including children so it should be a really good day!
I can't wait to share photos with you!!

The Swing:

In the baby swing.
We bought a baby swing for Jydan. Something extra that we can't really fit into our tiny unit but oh well. All for Jydan ;). It's definitely worth the money - I recommend them to any new mum. He has even fallen asleep in it a couple of times! BUT he doesn't like it as much as mummy and daddy does. Hopefully he does as he becomes more use to it. It swings and rocks, plays music and sounds. Very happy with this product!!
Jydan's hair is finally starting to grow back! Can't wait to see what colour it truly is. He has been so bald for weeks now, I've forgotten!!
There are so many cute looks that Jydan does. One of my favourites is when his eyes are still closed, if he has just woken up or fallen asleep while feeding and he sticks his neck out, stretches it right out, moves his head side to side like he's trying to see/search for something with his eyes still closed - so cute!!
I love when he stretches out when we take his swaddle off. He sticks his arms up and arches his back - it's funny how we learn to stretch when we are so young!
I also love when he not only smiles, but does he super cheeky grin. When he is all cheeks with his lips closed. It's the cutest, cheekiest smile! I could go on and on about all the little faces I love about him, but I especially had to document these before I forgot.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
We are trying to get Jydan use to a highchair but he's really not liking them. I think it's because he has to be strapped in. He has this thing about being strapped into things. He hates it. His pram, capsule, the high chair, the swing, I think it's all because he likes to be more free.

Not only does he love his toy 'duke' he also loves a blue teddy that rattles. It's light enough for him to pick up and makes a noise, I think that's why he likes it. Most other toys and teddy's he doesn't interact with yet.

Playing with Millie.
We've been introducing Millie and Jydan more and more the last week or so. Trying to get them to interact with each other. Jydan keeps looking at Millie, wondering what on earth she is. You can almost see his mind ticking around.

I LOVE this photo!!
I'm so pleased that I'm still breastfeeding, I always said if I make it through the first couple of weeks I'll be happy. I pushed through and still feeding. My ultimate goal is to feed Jydan till he is one. I'm determined to make it.
I look at my little man and can't believe I've made all those juicy rolls, kept his nutrition and fluids up and made him thrive. Every day in my belly I made him grow and grow, and now every day I'm still making him grow :).
We've got a pretty good rotation of cloth nappies now, it means I don't have to do a nappy wash cycle for 2 & 1/2 days and he still has nappies spare. I think we have about 40 nappies in total now, and that's after I've got rid of all the china cheapies and the one's that don't work pretty well.

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Aww, he just gets cuter and cuter. :) My daughter hasn't laughed yet either, we're still trying to coax one out of her!