Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Jydan - 4 Months 1 Week.

Eighteen Weeks Young:
This week has been SO busy, that's why I have been MIA lately and am publishing Jydan's 4 month, 1 week post before his 4 month post! Today I'm playing catch up though so will hopefully be up-to-date soon :).
Jydan is growing up so quickly now, it's amazing how quick your life goes by when you have kids. My life is literally on fast forward mode and I wish there was a pause button! He is becoming more and more calm and easy going, a bit of his dad's nature coming out more and more.
We've finalised the last bits of Jydan's naming day and also had Jydan's naming day, Jydan's learnt some new skills as well as forgotten some (SLEEPING!), I've started a mums group on Facebook, rearranged my house, went to MOPS, battled and struggled to get rid of Jydan's eczema.

Jydan's Milestones:

Concentrating so well
on sitting.
Jydan is laughing so much now, it's the best thing I've ever heard. He LOVES his belly being ticklish. He isn't really ticklish anywhere else, he is like his mum that way. You have to work really hard for a laugh. Other then his belly Jydan laughs in the bath. I've always known he loves his bath but now that he laughs it's amazing to see.
Jydan is really trying hard to sit, to do little sit ups, if you lay him on his back he will try and try and try! but he is also now sitting 'alllmost' independently!!! He will sit by himself for a little bit, get excited and fall but if we hold his hand for security he get stays there and sits. He loves to sit. He much prefers sitting then laying down.

Jydan's been lasting around 8-10 minutes on tummy time which we try to do daily. I think this is a pretty good effort, go my son!!
Some vomiting still this week, I'm thinking of going to the doctor and getting him on something different the Zantac, probably the Lozac. He is fine if we up the medication but I don't want to keep upping it! Now that all Jydan wants to do is sit he is getting better though.

Now Jydan is finally in a routine he has decided to stay up longer between his naps! Before we were getting around an hour and 15 minutes out of him, each block. He is still like this between waking up for the day and his morning nap, and between his morning nap and afternoon nap, but after his afternoon nap he will be up for 2 hours, sometimes even 2 & 1/2 hours! This is a new habit, so lets just see if it sticks!
Bed time has been pretty spot on the last couple of weeks, between 7:30-8.. no late nights, yeyy! BUT he needs to work on sleeping through the night ;).
During the afternoon we sometimes nap together on the couch, it's so nice, we snuggle up, and because it's been cold I sometimes will get the doona. It's a nice little afternoon tradition :). Buutt I'm usually taking photos of us snuggling up instead!

Naming Ceremony:

Us and Jydan's God Parents.
The naming ceremony went so well, I put up a blog post about it, you can see it HERE!
It went so well, Jydan slept all morning and then woke for the ceremony and then went back to sleep afterwards. It was pretty perfect!
Im so excited to now print out the photos and put them all in an album for him. We will also definitely do a naming day for our next children, it was a brilliant idea and went so smoothly :)

My poor darlings face!
My poor little mans eczema has got soo bad, we have tried everything. Everyone has given us tips on try to fix it and nothing works so I finally gave in and bought some cortisone to fix it and just in a day it's got so much better!
I really didn't want to use it on his baby skin but it had got sooo bad, what more could I do?
Anyway I can't use it on his skin for more then a week, but from the looks of things I won't need to!
One day of cortisone.
Now that Jydan is in 00's he is in alot of 'big boy' clothes, jeans, jackets, shirts ect.. so cute! What's happened to my newborn?!
It's also been pretty cold now, so he's been rugged up. This weather goes from one extreme to another.
Mittens for the cold mornings!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan LOVES his swing now, it's his favourite play equipment and he's not even worried about being strapped in! He looks so relaxed in it, and it's a good way for us all to have some 'chill time'.
Jydan hasn't been liking laying down AT ALL lately, he will much rather sit up!

Feeding has been going really well, no concern or anything, he is still fully breastfed and we haven't tried solids yet but I'm going to try him when his eczema clears up so it's easier to tell if he has a reaction.


Camille said...

He's so good at sitting up already, wow!!

I have eczema too, and sometimes the hydrocortisone cream is necessary to clean it up. To keep it clear try Aquaphor or whatever baby eczema lotion you're using immediately after a daily bath. Sounds like you already know to look out for food triggers once you start solids... My food triggers are dairy and a few other random things. Good luck!!

Camille said...

Oh and how you put a video in a post is when you go to compose one, click the icon at the top that looks like a director board. The kind that a director will hold and click and say "scene 6, take 2" or something like that. Sorry if that was confusing!