Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Jydan - 4 Months 2 Weeks.

Nineteen Weeks:

So now Jydan is four and a half months (what?!) I have decided to change my posts up a bit. Each month I will do the in depth weekly posts I have been doing but weekly I'll just do a quick up date of what's going on which will now be like this!
I want to blog about more things I'm doing and love and since Jydan is really easy now and settled it's time to have more 'ME' time!
This week consisted of 4 month needles, Jydan's first funeral, an overnight trip, more active play, better day sleeps, colder weather, stories, sitting improvement, church, eczema, snuggles, a protest and more chat, chat, chat!!

Jydan's in disposables for a couple of days because he has the 'after immunisation poops!'.. which aren't pretty!!

Favourite Toy This Week:
Jydan's really liking his little 'sock monkey' this week. I think because he can hold onto it a bit better, probably one of the only toys he can hold and shake around. He swaps it between his hands, so cute!

Favourite Thing To Do:

Definitely suck on his hands at the moment - his teeth are giving him some grief so it's fingers in his mouth 24/7! He even got a little sucking sore on his pointer!

Favourite Book:

Umm no real favourite book on Jydans behalf but I'm loving the very hungry caterpillar!

Favourite Word This Week:

"muuuummmm" oh bless him!!


Jydans rolling, cooing/chatting, doing crunches, laughing, sitting for a few seconds, can put weight on his legs for a couple of minutes, says mum, interacts, plays by himself, reaches if you give him something, gets excited when dad comes home, associates and snuggles.

Personality This Week:

Mostly calm and placid. Some very easy days where he has just been the most gorgeous perfect boy but some days the teeth have given him some grief, I must say he copes really well and even when it was yucky needle time Jydan was fine. He got some VIP treatment after his needles and lots of cuddles.

Moment Of The Week:

Tim (daddy) reading Jydan a story. When Tims home on the weekends we often don't have story time. It's usually only on week days that we read stories and we do more active family oriented things on the weekends. So it was so nice to see Tim and Jydan relaxing and reading together :).

Outfit Of The Week:

My super funky little man!!

Photo Of The Week:

Jydan sitting all by himself, way too clever for words :).

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Camille said...

Hahah aww, the last pic is priceless, he looks so proud of himself. I can't believe he's talking already!! So sweet that his first word is mum. My daughter's first words were yum yum and dada. I'm hoping baby #2 says mama first, lol.