Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Jydan - 4 Months.

Seventeen Weeks Young:

My darling boy is now four months. It's crazy to think that I had him four months ago. They say you forget the pain - I certainly haven't yet! I also haven't forgotten his first little whimper, or my first hold. So many treasured moments, the best four months of my life!
This week has been fantastic. Pretty calm and relaxing. There has only been one bad night this week which is great. A couple of days this week it seemed like it would be hard - but I think I've learnt exactly what Jydan needs to settle and be calm. Most of the time that's a big hug from mummy, and if he's having a bad day all he wants to do is sleep on mummy.

Jydan's library card!
This week it was all about sitting, rolling, hot weather, naming day planning, giggles, moving the house around, eczema, a clinic appointment, routine, visiting the library- he now has a library card, breakfast dates with friends, reading and Jydan's gorgeous personality shinning through.

Jydan's Milestones:
Jydan has met so many milestones this week. Lots of giggles, he hasn't cracked up laughing yet but we are definitely getting lots of giggles. Especially with his tummy being tickled.
Jydan is really interacting with his toys now, he seems to really take notice of them and want to try and play with them and has started to pick them up and hold onto them - although this is something he struggles with a bit. He is definitely trying though.
Whenever you put Jydan down, laying him on his back he tries soo hard to sit up, he will lift his head a fair way too and hold it for a while. Probably a minute or more? Then he will stop and rest and try again! He is all for 'crunches' at the moment.
We have also got the first word, and it's 'druumm roollllllll'........"MUM" or more like "muuuuuuuummm". I'm quiet surprised as we are more usually saying ''dadda'' to him, but I'm stoked :).
Jydan's reflux is fairly controlled this week but I shouldn't speak too soon because we always seem a bit up and down with this whole reflux thing. Although, when it is playing up it's really not that bad at all, just tummy gurgles and some sickness vomits.

Routine, routine, routine... same this week too. It's been good cause I can plan to do more because I know exactly when he will be feeding or asleep ect. Although Jydan is the type of baby that will sleep anywhere.
Jydan has been sleeping really well too, not only anywhere but hasn't needed to be resettled much

Asleep in the swing!

Clinic Appointment
We had Jydans 4 month check-up and he is doing so well. Growing wonderfully, reaching all the milestones, becoming so strong and the nurse thought Jydan was so gorgeous and strong. He even had a little chat to the nurse.
She was very pleased with Jydan! Must say, I'm pretty please with him too :).
We booked in his 5 month appointment. His next appointment is not suppose to be till he is 8 months but because his head growth, or lack of, he is on monthly appointments, as well as peadertition appointments.

Jydan is now 6.5 kilos,  which is 14.33 pounds. And 62cm long (24.4 inches)! 10 more cm's then when he was born!! Growing just beautifully. Very proud of my little boy :).

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
We have started introducing books to Jydan. Some times he is interested, sometimes not, depends what his attention is like at the time. But we make sure we read a book a day. He has SO many books for a baby, it's going to take a while to get through them too I reckon. It's nice down time too and bonding time!

I've realised how lucky I am to still be feeding my darling, I think we are doing really well to still breastfeed at four months. Pretty proud of myself if I don't say so myself :).

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