Sunday, March 3, 2013

eBay Addict!!

I am the BIGGEST eBay addict. I spend all day and all night on there searching and buying everything we possibly need. My wedding was brought to you by eBay, and so is Jydan's naming day. It was a god send when I only had 7 months to plan my big wedding, too heavily pregnant to go shopping and now with a baby! I can shop in the comfort of my recliner for everything. Okay, well I'm not a bad addict where I have to go to E.A, I do only buy what we actually need (or really want).
 I thought I would share my favourite eBay stores/sellers with you...

(click the store name to be taken to the store)

Zeeda Baby. This Australian store sells the cutest baby clothes and shoes!! I'm so tempted to stock up on girls clothes for when I have one ;). I have bought Jydan some gorgeous outfits.

A Life In Harmony. I get Jydan's amber beads from this store, fantastic prices for really high quality. They also do adult amber beads too!

Fiddle_stix_on_plaza. For those Australian footy lovers.. this shop is full of footy clothes, cake toppers, drink bottles - pretty much anything that has a football label on it. I got a lot of baby footy stuff from here, as well as adult stuff.

Handmade Baby Gifts This lady makes so many gorgeous things! I buy my cloth breast pads from the lady and can choose from so many gorgeous designs. She makes a lot of other things too, very talented.

Cards from the Heart For any wedding, engagement, birthday, christening, baby shower needs, ect this shop has candles, RSVP cards, certificates, invitations - basically anything you can think of!

Fabulous Frannie This U.S shop sells herbal soaps, essential oils, soy wax soaps and candles, and carrier oils. Such a huge variety of natural oils that I use on mine and Jydan's skin.

Napkins and Balloons Printed This shop is located in the U.K, it sells personalised balloons and napkins in different sizes and amounts. I bought our wedding and Jydan's naming day napkins and balloons from this seller.

The Party People So many party supplies from this store! Everything and anything you can think of for any party occasion. This is my one-stop-shop for all my party supplies.

JcBaby I order some of my cloth nappies from this seller. I'm sure I have about 25 from this seller now. You can choose what pattern you want, what size, with or without an insert... all up to you! And they are fantastic prices!

Baby Shoes This Hong Kong store has SO many gorgeous baby shoes for really, really cheap prices. Alot of mock off branded shoes too, which are super cute. I've got Jydan some 'Guess' and 'Addidas' shoes for under $10 each!

Fluffy Nappy This seller usually stocks Itti Bitti Modern Cloth Nappies, which are my all time favourite cloth nappies. Their prices are less then half the price that you will find on the Itti Bitti website. Big saving!

I would love to know your favourite eBay stores.
Happy eBaying!!
-Harley xx

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Jayme Holmes said...

Not sure if you have seen but its basically a handmade Ebay!!! Omg I was in love from the moment I seen it lol