Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Rash Mystery - 3 & 1/2 months.

Since Jydan was born he would come up with this little rash on his cheeks. Since he was born in the warmer months I have always thought I was a heat rash. He is a very hot baby, plus when he cries he sweats, so I wasn't surprised. It always went away.
Last week it came out again and seemed to get worse each day, I turned to my mum who knows everything and anything about babies - with four kids of her own and working in child care for years I can ask her anything. She mentioned that I had a similar rash, which was eczema. I still suffer from eczema but when I was younger it was a lot worse. So Friday night we took him to the chemist and saw the pharmacist who confirmed it was eczema!
Poor darling.
For now, I am cutting out wheat and grains out of my diet to see if that makes a difference before we use creams. What a bugger since I have oats for breakfast to build up my milk supply!
If that doesn't work I'll be researching natural products for eczema. After years of using creams on my skin, my skin thinned out so much I got stretch marks wherever I would put the creams - I would hate for the creams to ruin my darlings skin.
Fingers crossed it clears up quickly!

5 days after cutting out wheat and grains -
seems to be not improving.

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