Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jydans Head Growth - 4 Months.

Last Thursday I finally received an appointment letter from the paediatrician, after a month of waiting! It's for the 4th of April, another months time.. Which means all up we waited two months for an appointment! Goodness me.
I'm so glad we have an appointment though, we will hopefully get some answers. I  might actually start to sleep better (but hey, when else can I blog?!). Since the Xray was clear though, I'm sure it's nothing really, really serious.
Thursday we also had a clinic appointment and got all Jydan's measurements done. His head circumference is now 40cm! It's grown 1 & 1/2 centimeters in 4 weeks! The biggest growth it has done. I'm so glad, it's put him back on the growth chart! I've uploaded his new measurement on his chart and you can see its jumped up a little bit (yeeyy). So that's looking more positive! Just waiting for the paediatrician appointment next month to know more :-).

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