Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby Jydan - 4 Months 3 Weeks.

Twenty Weeks:


Wow, twenty weeks, that's crazy! When do you stop counting weeks? I actually got caught out last week when I was asked how many weeks Jydan is, woops! Being twenty weeks it's a bit easier to remember - but don't ask me next week.
Tim seems to still be in 'pregnancy mode'.. argh a bit like my body still!! but he always compares Jydan's age to how far I was through my pregnancy and he reminded me that at twenty weeks I was half through my pregnancy! That's crazy, it doesn't seem like long ago! We were finding out if everything was okay with the morphology scan, what gender he is, off to our babymoon and had no idea of the love that was in store for us.
What a week it's been, what a wonderful week. My brothers 12th birthday, Easter - which meant extra time off for Tim, a specialists appointment, some spring cleaning, sleep-ins (some days Jydan would sleep in till around 9:30-10!) and we started solids!

Favourite Toy This Week:

Jydan has really liked his robot toy that we hang it on his swing so he has something to play with, but has only really started to notice it the last week or two. We now give it to him to play with a lot because he grabs at it and puts his arms out for his legs.  It's bright and colourful, has different materials all around it, rings hanging of the arms and a mirror on the tummy. I think this is his new favourite toy.  He puts his arms out for it and grabs onto the foot. Too cute for words.

Favourite Thing To Do:

SQUEEEELLL & SQUEEK. This week we've been squarking like there is no tomorrow. He will do it when he's excited and playing, and when he's crying. It's hard to know what mood he's in sometimes, haha! If you take a look at this video, you can see what I mean :).

Favourite Book:

We were given this book for Jydan for Easter and it was sitting on the couch, I caught Jydan staring at it so I read it to him. When it finishes he cried, so I read it again and he was fine - this happened about three times until he was over it. Funny little boy. Luckily it was an Easter book.

Favourite Word This Week:

I had a dinosaur not a baby, it's so cute! You can hear it on the video too.


This week has been all about playing and grabbing onto toys a bit more this week. Pretty impressive work and strength! Grabbing, pulling and feeling his toys. Exploring and learning about different feels of his toys, it's so nice to watch him play, go my main man!

Personality This Week:

Such a patient little man I have. He can just sit outside in his bouncer watching the sky while I hang out washing. He will happily play by himself while I get housework done and if I can't get him out of bed straight away he will just chat to himself. He is a very chatty happy bub, I'm so lucky to have such a sweet baby boy :).

Moment Of The Week:

We started solids this week, so exciting. He has been having a teaspoon of avocado mixed with breastmilk for dinner as well as having milk from me for dinner. This was definitely our moment of the week. What an exciting step we've taken. I know there is the whole debate of waiting to six months or starting at four, but as mother it's your own choice when you feel your child is ready. Jydan is definitely ready, chewing while were eating, swallowing, doesn't push the food or spoon back out, feeds every 2 hours, and able to identify when he's full (unless it's through the night) so we made the decision to start him

Outfit Of The Week:

It was so cold today, his first winter outfit!!

Photo Of The Week:


Cutest Easter photo ever!!

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Camille said...

He's so adorable (as always)! How exciting that you started solids. Avocado is a great first food, I was planning on doing that as a first food for mine but my husband already gave her bananas. I was so mad, lol! Anyway, I couldn't view the video, it says private. :( But I think I know what you mean, my little one has started yelling and I can't tell if she's happy or angry or what. I think it might be her frustrated noise because she's teething.