Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Jydan - 4 Months 4 Weeks.

Twenty-One Weeks:
During Jydan's specialists appointment he was weighed and measured. He is now 6.8 Kilo's (14.9 pounds) which is around the weight as a baby in Australia was born at in Feb this year! Crazy huh! He is 64 cm long too which is 25 inches. We got his  head measured too and it's the same measurement as last month, his little heady hasn't grown.. and we still have no answers and have to wait for ANOTHER specialists appointment. It's all a waiting game.
Solids are going really well this week. He has around a teaspoon for dinner each day. He had avocado for about a week and then we introduced him to banana. The first night he had banana he slept the whole night. He slept from 7pm - 6.30am!! I was awake at 4.30 just waiting for him wake and checking that he was breathing.. and waiting.. and waiting. And then he had a feed and went back to sleep 'till 8.50am. I never thought I would see the day. What a brilliant boy I have.
Day light savings ended through this week so Jydan has been waking an hour earlier, but since he's sleeping so much better, I don't mind that much :).
This week it's been a bit colder then what Jydan is use to so luckily we have a heat pump, it's been on for the first time this year. I also got my 'Jydan tattoo' which you can read about HERE, we've had lots of play dates and lunch dates, Tim's had an extra day off work, shopping, introduced new foods, still battled with his eczema, better sleeping habits and more interactive play!

Favourite Toy This Week:

His thumb! Jydan's loved putting his hands in his mouth for a couple of months now but he's now favouring his thumb... hehe funny boy!

Favourite Thing To Do:

Jydan has discovered blowing bubbles and loves it! Blowing bubbles/spitting. As if there wasn't enough dribble! haha.

Favourite Book:

Jydan really just loves books in general. If it's bright and colourful he will sit and look at the pictures and listen to your voice while you read with him. If there is a book or magazine near by he will stare at it until you read it to him, and read it many times!

Favourite Food:

Banana's, he likes them more then avocado. Yum yum! We have started giving him breakfast now too. Since he can't have grains, wheat or dairy, baby cereal is out of the question. So banana's are a great breakfast food. We are introducing him to pumpkin for dinner tonight.. let's see how it goes :).

Favourite Word:

"Apple".. He says this over and over and over again. He says it more like "aaaaa-pool". I think he likes the 'bubble' feeling it has on his lips, since he is all about blowing bubbles at the moment.


Sleeping, woohoo. Definitely a milestone, right? If we aren't sleeping through the whole night, we are only waking once and we are achieving 2 hour naps through the day.

Personality This Week:

A big big chatterbox this week. He is always trying to join in on conversations. He isn't afraid of strangers anymore, he's happy to interact with anyone.

Moment Of The Week:

Sleeping again... after spending months waking every 2-3 hours, I'm over the moon about this sleep thing.. you can't half tell, huh!

Outfit Of The Week:

I'm obsessed with the very hungry caterpillar and LOVE these overalls. Too cute!

Photo Of The Week:

Jydan loves his food! He's eating avocado here with a little bit of banana and breastmilk :).

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