Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Months 2 Weeks.

Twenty-Three Weeks:
My crabby teething
Jydan has become so curious about the world, he wants to learn and look around at everything. He use to be a good sleeper while we were out and about but now we are lucky if sleeps for 25 minutes because he just wants to explore! Just too gorgeous. We've been hit with the teething bug this week. OH.GOSH.. really want my happy bub back! I get snippets every few hours, but then it's usually followed by hours of crying. The poor thing. Looking forward to seeing some toothy pegs soon though :).

It's school holidays here so we are finally have a 'break' from our busy schedule since my mothers group and playgroup are off during the holidays.  We've done some shopping for clothes in the next size for Jydan, finally started Jydan's milestone book, most of the week we've slept through but a couple of nights we've woken up between 4.30 - 5, which is okay. We've gone to watch my little brother play footy, gone to church, played with new toys, had a big cooking night for Jydans food, learnt new skills (How to lift his bum off the ground while doing tummy time, turn the page of a book, and how to hold a sippy cup better), tried new foods (sweet potato), and gone for walks. We are still struggling with eczema, only because we have to use it week on and week off, and the off week it comes back terribly.

Favourite Toy This Week:

His bath toys! He loves them. He has a couple of books and some plastic squirty toys. They live in a 'penguin' near the bath when it's not bath time. So, as soon as he gets in bath he looks at the penguin and puts his hand out for them.. SOO GORGEOUS! (I love how he puts his hand out for things now).

Favourite Thing To Do:

Suck his thumb! He actually has a little bit of dermatitis on his thumb because he sucks, sucks, sucks!! Even when we put him on tummy time he will suck his thumb. He's suppose to be rolling!

Favourite Book:

We went shopping the other day and found this book, held it up to Jydan to see if he liked it and he loved it. He kept reading it the whole time we were shopping. And yet again, it's the very hungry caterpillar!

Favourite Food:

This week it's banana.. yum yum yum!!

Favourite Word:

Jydan has started coping sounds, it's so cute. I said 'I love you' to him and he say 'ahh uuu' back. ADORABLE!!


He is now putting his hand or arm out indicating or reaching for something he wants - just gorgeous!

Personality This Week:

At the end of this week he has been a bit cranky because the teething monster is here :(, so not many smiles or laughs the last few days.

Moment Of The Week:

I got Jydan up for the day and as we always do, had a snuggle in my bed.. but this morning he fell straight back asleep in mummy and daddy's bed.. aww!! He slept for another hour.

Outfit Of The Week:
Aren't little people's shoes sooo cute!! (Guess shoes!)

Photo Of The Week:

Uncle Jyle with his nephew Jydan at the footy :)

Jydan's cute butt!!

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Camille said...

Oh he is so sweet! Can't believe he's starting to talk already, that's super early!

What kind of hydrocortisone is he on? Maybe you could get .5% and use it continuously? If he is on 2% right now, maybe the dr. would agree to that. I used to do that when I was a child and I had bad outbreaks.