Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Months.

Five Months:
Wowwee! 5 months. Where has that time gone?
I feel like this has been one of the biggest months. Jydan's made a lot of 'sitting progress', and strengthening his legs. He has started solids and had avocado, banana, pumpkin and pears. He has even had a go at a sippy cup! He was constipated so we tried giving him a little bit of cooled down boiled water. He refuses a bottle so we put it in a sippy cut, he LOVED it!
 He has been interacting more, grabbing, pulling and playing more. He is really trying to explore. His wonderful personality has just shown through a lot this month.
We've had Easter, my brothers 12th birthday, a family holiday, a funeral, Jydan's naming day (which was probably this months highlight).
The coming month I would like to start introducing a comfort blanket for bed for when he is out of his wrap/swaddle. He is sitting independently for up to a minute at the moment so I think this month he will learn to sit completely independently too.

Jydan's Milestones:

Jydan is sitting a little longer now, he can sit independently for up to about a minute and then gets too wobbly and falls. Sometimes he even re balances himself!! If he falls a little bit he will sometimes sit himself back up.
Although Jydan knows how to roll, and has rolled since he was 3 weeks and 1 day he isn't really interested in it. We encouraging him with it a lot but I think he will skip this step!
Jydan is making all different sounds, saying "rawr" "apple" and "mum" (although we rarely say "mum").
Jydan is reaching for object and using his eyes to indicate what he wants. He is really interactive and loves to have a conversation. He is always smiling and loves his belly being tickled.
Jydan is starting to realise that Millie our dog is different, he is trying hard to work her out. We are helping Jydan explore Millie with patting and playing with her.
He is eating pureed breakfast and dinner, about a teaspoon each meal.
Jydan is taking all different things in lately. If I repeat the same thing to him like 'mum mum mum' he will stare at my lips and eyes, trying to work out how I'm saying it. He will stare at the TV too, Mr square eyes!
Jydan's reflux has been pretty controlled for just over a month now, but we've just had to up it a teeny tiny bit. Just a little bit of spew and extra hiccups. We haven't had to up it for a while, so it looks like his reflux is on the mend. YEYY!!


We are still struggling with his eczema. This stupid eczema! The cream that we are currently using, a 1 % cortisone works really well, as you can see there has been so many improvements... but he has to use it week on and off, so when he isn't using it for a week, it comes back really bad :(. My poor poss!!

I have just started setting a a 'new' routine since Jydan has started waking up earlier (daylight savings ended) and he has started solid foods so spreading out our breastfeeding feeds. Solids and feeding confused me so it was easier to create a routine and stick to it. I have always demand fed Jydan so it's different to routine feed him now, it's all so new, so lets see how we go :)
So here is our new routine:

7:30am- Wake up. Cuddles in bed & nurse from me.
8:00am- Change nappy, medicine, eczema cream and Jydan's breakfast time.
8:30am- Get dressed and play.
9am- Change nappy, nap time.
11am- Wake up, change nappy.
11.30am- Nurse from me.
11.40am- Tummy time, then usually in his bouncer while I do housework, then story time.
1pm- Change nappy, eczema cream and bed.
3.00pm- Wake up, change nappy, playtime.
3:30pm- Nurse from me.
4:30pm- Change nappy, nap for 45minutes
5.15pm- Wake up
5.30pm- Pureed veggies for dinner.
5.45pm- Jydan watches some TV while I get my dinner organised and run his bath.
6.10pm- Medicine
6.15pm- Bath time with me.
6:40pm- Finish bath, get dressed, eczema cream, PJ's on, nurse from me.
7:00pm- Bed time

Then he wakes up about 5am for a feed if he does wake at all :).

Paediatrician Appointment
I'm currently waiting for another appointment letter, not sure when the next one will be but they are suppose to be monthly now.

Jydan has put on about 300 grams this month and grown 2 cms! This is pretty average, what a typical baby his age puts on, so I'm pretty happy with that :). He is now 6.8 Kilo's (14.9 pounds) and is 64 cm long too which is 25 inches. He had been completely in 00's (3-6 month) clothes for about a month now so I think he will be in them for a couple more months. We are starting to stock up on 0 (6-9 month) clothes for when he is big enough for them.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydan LOVES reading books. He sits there and just patiently listens to our voices and looks at the pictures. When we pick a book, I get Jydan to help me pick. I follow his eyes and pick whatever book he is looking at :).
Jydan also loves his swing now. It's his favourite play equipment.
He doesn't like being in the car when we are tired, especially when we stop at bed lights. He has become use to it any other time.
Jydan likes to eat pumpkin and banana, not so much avocado.

My little man is still breastfeeding, we're going strong now, I'm pretty proud of myself! He is feeding every four hours, as well as having about 2 tablespoons of solids a day. He has about half a tablespoon for breakfast and then about 1-1 & 1/2 for dinner.


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Camille said...

He is getting so big!! He has such a sweet smile.

I don't know if I mentioned this but have you tried hazelwood and amber jewelry for eczema? It also helps teething. I really recommend it, I get mine at Not the best quality, mine have broken after 6 months to a year, but they work really well!