Monday, April 1, 2013

First Easter As A Family...


What a wonderful weekend it's been! Good Friday began with my brothers 12th birthday, a party birthday lunch at my mums, Easter egg hunt by my sister and a Sunday roast at my dads. This is the day my diet officially went on hold.
You know someone is growing up when they ask for MONEY for their birthday. I was almost heartbroken when Jordan asked for money for his birthday. He can't be at that age already?
I refused at first... "Noooo I have to get you a present, not money" when he told me what he wanted for his birthday. But I gave in and he was so happy! Happier then a present would have made him, so that made me feel better :).
For a good Friday treat Jydan had his first little taster of foods, he sucked on a bickie!

We started the pajama tradition this year - where you get new PJ's for when the Easter bunny comes, so we all got a set of new PJ's but Saturday night was too warm to wear them! He ended up in a singlet for the night, I think the Easter bunny spoilt him a bit more because of his half nakedness cuteness!

Saturday some friends dropped of an Easter present for Jydan, I was shocked, what a lovely thought! Peppa Pig Easter Egg Hunt book, a top and some socks. Jydan is loving this book, it's so bright!

Easter Sunday started with a very excited mum and dad a tiny baby who had no idea what was going on.
Tim and I swapt chocolates and gave Jydan some puzzles!
Then, with what was meant to be a quick tidy before my family came over but ended with a HUGE spring clean up, sugar soaping the walls, hands and knees scrubbing, doing the lawns... I don't know what got over us but it was crazy. I usually, every year, do a huge Easter egg hunt around the neighbourhood. We call it the 'Amazing Race Easter Egg Hunt'... with all the cleaning I didn't have time to organise it this year, FAIL!
5:00pm came around and we had our barbecue with my family at our house, which we do every year. I love how this has been our tradition. Easter at our house.
Delicious hot cross buns, meat, fish and mushrooms on the bar-bee, Italian salad, apple crumble, tarts and of course our Easter treats. Jydan also got half a teaspoon of some avocado mixed with breastmilk! He loved it.

Here are some of my favourite Easter photos & I hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!.. now to catch up on everyone else's Easter blogs!

The Birthday Boy!

My Easter Bunny!


Easter Stories!

Happy Easter Baby Bear!
I think I love this avocado
and boobie milk.

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Camille said...

Sounds like a lot of fun packed into a small amount of time!

Looks like Jydan seriously loves avocado :)