Saturday, April 6, 2013

"I'm awake, I'm awake, I'm awake"

"I'm awake, I'm awake, I'm awake.." I say while I drag my feet to my sons room. Luckily he always wakes up happily and smiley and sleeps in but waking up three-four times a night... I do not. My favourite nights are when he wakes every 2 hours through the night. NOT! I get up, sometimes he needs a feed and sometimes a nappy change, settle him back down and go back to sleep. By the time I sleep, I'm getting one hour and twenty minutes of sleep to an hour and a half of sleeping blocks at a time. And the nights he does sleep for around 7 hours I'm still waking up because my STUPID BODY thinks it's A'O.K. to not sleep. Oh, and if I do sleep for more then 4 hours and wake up, I cannot go back to sleep and spend the whole night awake.. so yes darling, I'm awake... I have been all night.

We get up, have a little cuddle and chat and yes, his morning smiles do make up for his nights. Don't ask me how he is such a morning person, but I do love that about him. Nappy change, get dressed, medicine, eczema cream and a morning feed time. If he magically had a long sleep my boobs explode in his face and he enjoys a nice milk shower in the morning! Jydan lasts for about an hour and a half in the mornings and it seems to go so quick. I only just got him out of bed for the day and it seems like I'm putting him straight back down, after another nappy change that is - he wee's so much in the mornings... not to fear, I will probably have to cuddle him back to sleep in 45 minutes anyway.

Quick, get dressed, breakfast, brush teeth, hair and makeup, put the washing on, which I seem to never get to the bottom of, get a container of Jydan's home made mashed veggies out of the freezer and meat for myself and Tim for dinner, hang some washing out, make sure Jydan has enough cloth nappies made up for the day, fill the sink up with water for the dishes I'll never get to, pay for all the things I bought of Ebay through the long night while I kept myself entertained, pump enough milk to make a few night worth of dinners for Jydan, make and puree the dinners up and divide them into containers and freeze them... sit down and BREATH and if I'm lucky, watch a bit of TV and do some blogging and if I'm SUPER lucky Jydan won't need resettling and I'll have more time to attack the never ending pile of washing, let alone maybe I might even fold some of my clothes up that are sprawled all over my bedroom floor... and maybe I'll do the dishes, or tidy the bathroom, or clean up the coffee table, or mop, sweep the floor, play with the dog, hell, I could even do some stomach toning exercises, skip or go for a nap! I have all these great plans of what I can do with my day at home...Woooppps took tooo much time thinking about what I CAN do and writing lists of things of what I need to do that bubba boy is awake.

Okay, that's all right, that can wait till next time he's asleep. He seems to be sleeping well today so I'm sure he will give me another hour and a half to two hours on his next nap (boy am I wrong). I try not to blog, go on my phone or the computer or house work while Jydan is awake unless he is having some time in his swing (see, I made this housework 'rule' up this morning, seems like a good rule, hey?). The usual things are done, a feed, change the nappy, play with the dog and we walk around the block with Millie the dog while I imagine that the whole 10 minutes of walking will change my fitness level and that it's okay to go some and munch on some 'naughty' foods because I'm a FITNESS FREAK! (over weight and totally unfit).
Put away Jydan's clothers in his room while he's awake, but by this stage Jydan is tired and he won't let me put him down so I'm bouncing him on one hip while putting his washing away one handed. I change Jydan's bum and it's time for him to have another sleep and my Dr.Phil time which I won't get to watch, but will have on anyway so it seems like I'm connected with the world on some sort of level. After this I'll put a movie on but it will remain on 'pause' for the rest of the day.

I finally get to the sink full of water for the dishes, which is now cold and I have to refill... deep down I know I will never get to them, make myself a quick lunch, nothing too fancy, I have too much to do, a boring sandwich will do. I make sure that I've had enough water to keep my milk supply up. Now where was I? Ah, the list, that's way too long. I fold and put away some more washing, pick up the toys off the floor, play mats and play equipment away that will re-appear back there by the end of the day. Ahhh, the little man has woken mid sleep cycle... So on the couch him and I go while he is back into a deep sleep. This can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes and he's bound to wake up the first few times I put him back down in his cot. Argh, I might as well just get all cozy with him on the couch and cuddle him until he wakes up properly. We couldn't possibly mess up his routine, what would the health nurse think if he was out of routine for a whole day?!?! ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE! Thank goodness for Facebook Mobile and the blogger app!

An hour and a half later Jydan wakes up and after having the most beautiful snuggles I have to break the 'no housework while Jydans awake' rule that I really made up this morning just so I could have a housework break. Sorry Jydan but you didn't let me do it while you were asleep... ohh and it looks like you won't when you're awake! But guess what buddy, mummy wins and so does the carrier! After I change his nappy and give him a feed. Vacuuming and more around the house. Although really, it looks like I haven't made a dent. Is it my bedtime yet? Uh! The 3pm run down. The sun should really go down at 3pm everyday so my son knows it's bed time and I can have a nap too! That's bedtime's only another 360 minutes away...
Now why did I say that Jydan is having a good sleeping day today? Unless I consider two thirty minute naps good? Well then I would be slightly stupid then wouldn't I! Why you no sleep Jydan? And just to put it out there, it's taken me three days to write this post and half of it doesn't even apply anymore because once you think you've got your child or routine all figured out BAM... they had you fooled!

Not long and it's dinner time for Jydan, and peppa pig becomes my free babysitter while I get dinner and then a bath organised. We only have 30-minute preparation meals these days, typical steak and veg really.. about as long as Jydan's attention span on the T.V is. Once I put Jydan in front of the T.V it's almost like I've set a timer. Rrrrready... seeettt... GO! Who will win? It's a race... usually Jydan wins and we end up with a bloody raw steak and half frozen veggies for dinner.. delicious!

Bath time comes and Jydan and I have a bath together which he usually pee's in, after soaking myself in a good amount of pee I have to have a shower and scrub again. Bath, Boobie and Bed, our night time routine. Actually no. Our night time routine is waking up every two-three hours through the night. So excuse me if I forgot to do my hair today, stare at you blankly while my brain just has a nap, stumble my sentences around and I tell you 'my nap has just gone down for a baby' or forget we were meant to catch up. I could literally beat  a zombie at it's game.. I'm running on empty cause I'm always awake.
Better go off and start my night shift now before my son demands me to be awake.. AGAIN!

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