Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Months 3 Weeks.

Twenty-Four Weeks:

Everything goes in
the mouth, even the
Teething is in full swing this week, yeye! ha. As much as the screaming and sleepless nights are very nice, I'm a bit excited to see the little toothies. But yes, please bring my happy bebe back! The last few days he has been better, getting use to the pain maybe? Or the toothies have gone back down... again! Anywho, there goes my full nights sleep. I'm not too fussed though, when my wisdom teeth come through they're so sore, I can't imagine what it's like for a bubba!!

Mmm, think I might
like these!!
This week my friends teeny tiny baby was born, who was due to arrive in July (9 weeks and 2 days early)! She's a tiny little thing, but so preciously healthy and makes Jydy look like a giant! It was just a miracle to meet her on Saturday night. Jydan hasn't met her yet as babies aren't aloud in the neonatal unit near the premmies.
We also had another playdate with Ryka (two actually), church, Jydan learnt to turn himself around in a circle while on his tummy and also fluked a bit of an army crawl, Jydan had his first rusk for his teeth, playtime with Millie and walks, lunch dates and family visits.
School goes back next week so I'm looking forward to going back to playgroup and my mum's group. We are also having Jydan weighed tomorrow so make sure you check back to Jydans 25 week post :).

PS - Jydan is wearing a 'Ones&Twos' nappy, these are my FAVOURITE. Will write a review on it soon :).

Favourite Toy This Week:

Teething toys! Since Jydan doesn't have a dummy we had this dummy clip laying around... it's now a teether clip. It's great! He can now grab his teething toys whenever he wants it. But I do have to buy another clip (or make one ;) ) because it doesn't hold it very well.

Favourite Thing To Do:

Drink my water bottle! It's so funny. He can go from screaming to giggling if I give him my water bottle. Oh well, at least something works!

Favourite Book:

I have to admit, I haven't been reading many books this week. We did read Pinocchio.. I hated this story when I was little, it freaked me out.. really, a story about a man stealing little boys and then turning them into donkeys? That's enough to give anyone nightmares! Seriously, who would come up with a children's story like that? Anyway... haha!

Favourite Food:

Jydan is still loving banana. He also tried rusks this week for his teething and ate almost 3/4 of one his first go!!

Favourite Word:

Jydan said 'Mum' a few times this week - Love it!


Last week I mentioned that Jydan is indicating with his arms what he wants, well he has now started indicating who he wants to go to! Naww!

He has learnt to turn around in a circle while he is on his tummy. Not too sure how he has done it, I think with his legs?

Jydan very flukely <is that a work?> did a little army crawl to get a toy too! Lets see if he will do it again :).

Personality This Week:

ADDOORRAABBLE. He is cheeky and gorgeous and happy. A bit cranky but that's okay :).

Moment Of The Week:

Playing with Millie moo.. nawww.

Outfit Of The Week:

He looks like a chubber here, hehe.

Photo Of The Week:

Goodnight kisses for daddy.
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Camille Griffiths said...

Aww, he's getting so big! Can't believe he's talking already!! And he said mum, how sweet. :)

I will have to try using our pacifier clips for teething toys, that sounds like a great idea.